The Food Truck Industry: Great For All

Food trucks are great. They’re a quick meal for those buying and a great investment for those interested in owning or operating one. They have a relatively low overhead cost and allow something that no other food business model really does. A food truck has wheels! If the market you’ve been attempting to sell to doesn’t want to buy your product, you can literally move your entire business for the cost of gas. That’s incredible. So why does every food truck business not work? Why don’t the failing ones just take their business down to an area where it would work?

For one, not every product, including food, has a market. It’s important to understand the difference between selling something that doesn’t sell in an area and selling something that doesn’t sell. It can be hard to see that sometimes when an owner is too emotionally invested in their business, and are unable to think big-picture, and outside of themselves. It’s important to have people in your life that can be honest with you and whose opinions that you trust. It’s almost always good to spend the money for a consultation from a marketing agency, menu expert, or others.

If you’re invested in your business and want to make it work, read on. If you’re invested in your business but are too hard-headed or stubborn to take advice, please stop and don’t waste either of our times. Instead, open your mind, and read these three “hacks” which can be ever so helpful in turning your business into a prime success.

Social Media

Social Media is by far the largest differentiating factor between success and bankruptcy in the twenty-first century. Social Media gives the business owner the opportunity to interface and connect with their target audience like no previous generations of business owners have ever had the opportunity to. As Jonathan Long, of the Huffington Post writes, “The internet gives us a new way to market and operate, but there are still some businesses that are stuck on their old ways, ultimately missing opportunities.”

Create a social media presence. Produce content regularly but ensure that your content provides some value to the receiver of it, whether that be entertainment, opportunity, or an offer. There are far too many companies using social media incorrectly and I would advise them to hire a consultant or someone to run their social media department. It’s incredibly affordable and the benefits should easily outweigh the cost.

The next two hacks can be helped through a social media presence. However, they can still be applied regardless of social media status. Social media is the ultimate facilitator of the next two hacks, and its value cannot be emphasized enough.

Work with Local Artists, Musicians, Etc.

Local artists and musicians exist in any market. Those that have not “made it” and are not making a living with their art and music are constantly in the lookout for any opportunity to display their material. Because of this, you could get incredibly high quality, talented artists to display their art at your food truck “gallery”.

The artists will tell all their friends, family and other supporters. They will essentially provide you free advertising for your business. There’s no word stronger than that of word of mouth. This allows you to help the community, increasing your presence with them, as well as generating more interest and traffic towards your business, without even giving off the impression you’re even advertising.

Network, Network, Network!

One of the most important steps towards a successful business is proper networking. If you’re spending your day giving people food and making people happy, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to build connections. Remember that your restaurant is mobile and that every person you sell to could always be the bridge getting you into a better location. As Laura McCullen, of U.S. News’ Money Column, explains, it is “Better to begin with chitchat about the tasty shrimp appetizers, last night’s big game or your thoughts on the keynote speaker.”

Don’t just sell your product. Sell yourself and sell your business. Sell your customer service, professionalism and work ethic. Be the truck they want.