8 Anime Swords You Need to Have in Your Collection

anime-swordAny sword enthusiast will tell you that having a collection of swords means that you need to find interesting additions to add to your collection. “Anime swords are perfect, and they can often be recreated to perfectly resemble the original design, just without the magical properties that they feature in the anime,” said Here are eight amazing options for you to consider for your collection.

1. Tessaiga from Inuyasha
Totosai crafted this blade for Inuyasha out of his father’s tooth, so it is only fitting that a recreation of this sword would rightfully be very sharp; in fact, the design of the blade would be very similar to a scimitar-like katana. The hilt is embellished with fur, which most likely is from Inuyasha’s father.

2. Sakabato from Rurouni Kenshin
The Sakabato is the sword that Himura Kenshin wields. It is basically a katana, but the sharp edge or the blade is on the opposite side of what is traditional with a katana. This reverse blade is a deadly weapon in the hands of a true swordsman, and it is a stunning blade to add to any collection.

3. Zangetsu from Bleach
The Zangetsu is a massive sword that is designed to eat souls in the anime, but the design is one that you must have in your collection. It is basically a huge chef’s knife. The blade is sharp and is designed to taper to an extremely sharp tip. The handle is crafted from bamboo, and then wrapped in nylon cloth to complete the design that is so recognizable in the anime.

4. Samehada from Naruto
This sword is a sentient being that basically absorbs the chakra or life force from an individual. Obviously, that is not going to be replicated, but recreating a sharkskin sword that is wrapped in bandages would be an amazing accomplishment. It is not going to be a sharp sword, but it will look pretty amazing wrapped in bandages amongst your collection.

5. Kubikiribocho from Naruto
The blade that Zabuza Momochi wields in Naruto is an epic looking butcher’s knife; in fact, the literal translation of Kubikiribocho is decapitating carving knife. A replica of this sword would be a large broad sword that features two cut outs; a circular one towards the end of the blade and a semicircle near the hilt. The handle is long and narrow, which is perfect for swinging such a massive sword.

6. Double Edged Tsurugi from Samurai Champloo
Mugen’s double edged Tsurugi is a katana-like sword that is unique in its own right. The hilt is a two pronged for added style, and the blade is sharp on both sides, which is what makes this sword more deadly, especially when it is used with a fighting style like Mugen’s. It is a sword that is extremely appealing to the eye, and it would look perfect in any wall collection.

7. Sword of the Dragon Slayer from Berserk
The Dragon Slayer is the sword that Guts wields in Berserk. It is a truly massive broad sword that is made of iron, which makes the sword extremely heavy to carry around and maneuver in a fight. A replica of this sword would be truly amazing, not necessarily to cosplay with because the weapon will still have a good bit of weight to it, but to have it on display would be amazing. Both sides of the blade are sharpened, and they come together into a very sharp point.

8. The Scissor Blade from Kill la Kill
The Scissor blade is a unique and very popular anime sword to recreate and replicate for cosplay purposes, but since the abilities of the sword depend on Ryuko wielding it, the design is the primary reason for making it part of your collection. It is basically the larger half of a pair of scissors. The same area that would be sharp on a pair of scissors acts as the blade of this sword. Another aspect of this sword that makes it amazing is the blood red coloration of the entire weapon.

That’s our list of amazing anime swords that would be awesome to have in your collection. There are a plethora of other swords that could also be included on this list, which anime swords would you like to have replicated?