From Our Editor

Starting on a new journey is always an exciting time. As someone who has spent many years in the news business, I am extremely pleased to join a new site as the editor. One of the most interesting aspects of working as an editor is seeing other people chase stories, write articles and come up with their view of the world. Because writing and delivering news stories to readers is about so much more than regurgitating facts.

Anyone can put out a short article about the current events taking place in the United States or other countries. But not every site is capable of providing the reader with genuinely new and insightful information. We believe in providing a news outlet that is different from mainstream news sites. While you can get all your daily facts and information from many sites on the internet, you cannot always get an insightful analysis or critical thinking regarding the day’s events.

News sites tend to sensationalize everything in a bid to get more clicks and views. With social media taking over, news sites are even concerned about how many retweets or Facebook likes they get for a story. But we are not bothered about those kinds of things. As an editor, I only have one job: to ensure that every writer on our staff is providing thought-provoking and insightful articles for our readers. We do not regurgitate the news – we analyze it and provide you with a true picture of what is going on around the world.

The only way to get an understanding of what is happening around us is to look at news stories from a different angle. If we look beyond the noise and the outrage and the immediate reactions, we can get a better sense of what happened, why it happened and how it will impact all of our lives in the future.