9 Reasons to Raise a Family in a Small Town

There is a constant debate over small towns and big cities and which is better. Better, of course, being subjective, but it is quite easy to see why many prefer one over the other. Many will argue all the reasons that small towns are better when it comes to families and raising children.

1- Lower Crime Rate

For starters, the crime rate is lower in smaller towns versus bigger cities. Parents deal with enough stress without having to worry about the neighborhood or town their children will grow up in. “It is easier to enjoy things without worrying about crime or violence overtaking the very area children play in,” said Village of Morton.

2- Large Pool of Neighbors

In smaller towns, often it is an “everybody knows everybody” type of living, which many people, especially parents, like because it can allow for extra eyes watching out for their child. It is harder for a teenager to get themselves into trouble when they know the whole town could report back to mom or dad. This aspect also makes it easier to find people to trust, should a parent need help with their child. For example, say twelve year old James walks the two blocks home from school every day. But today, it is twenty minutes after he is usually home. Mom calls the school, they acknowledge he headed off like he always does, so mom starts checking with people who may have seen him along the way. The neighbors know this daily routine so it is easy for James’ mom to get the help she needs to find him.

3- Community

Smaller towns are often community focused. It is not unusual to have town city events where nearly all of the residents participate. This is also evident when something tragic happens within the town or to someone living there – the whole town rallies together to support whatever needs to be supported.

4- Quiet and Peaceful Surroundings

Bigger cities often have more hustle and bustle from the daily traffic. Smaller towns are not nearly as “lit up.” Those in smaller towns can sit outside and in almost peace and quiet. As the stars and moon come out, they are able to look up and soak in the view, whereas living in a bigger city, looking up results in seeing tall buildings or thousands of bright lights.

5- No Commute

Commutes from one place to the next within town are fast and easy. “Rush house” in a small town is merely minutes long compared to what it would be in a big city. This also plays a role in the number of accidents that occur, leaving parents more confident with fewer worries of those who carelessly rush and speed to get where they want to go.

6- Little Pollution

Something not as often thought about but still equally important is the amount of polluting chemicals in the air. The environmental damage done by pollution is everywhere, of course, but it is so much bigger and more evident in the big cities, whereas those living in small towns do not have as many issues with pollution.

7- Easier Transportation

Also, along with the thoughts of eliminating pollution, those in small towns are often able to get where they need to go without the use of a car. Everything is close by, so walking or taking a family bike ride is so much simpler, often times.

8- Quality Education System

Those in smaller towns often have schools where all students attend, rather than multiple schools all over the city. This has many positives, such as most likely, the teacher knows each family as well as all the students in their class. This gives the opportunity for the child to do their best as they know if they do not, mom and dad will hear firsthand from the teacher. This also allows parents more opportunities to know who their children are spending time with, keeping them from finding themselves with the wrong crowd.

9- Sense of Belonging

And one of the biggest things about small town living is that it gives people a sense of belonging. Even as children grow up and move away, for school or whatever other reason, when they come back to visit, it is often as though they never left.