3 Crown Molding Ideas that Add Value to Your Home

Houses are one of the most expensive investments people will make over their lifetimes. This investment does not include just upfront costs when purchasing the house either. There are times when more investments need to be made in order to add value to the house over time for one reason or another, most commonly when a desire exists to sell. Some of the best ways to add value to a home is to make updates to trim, or in this case, crown molding. Here are three concerns for crown molding that can certainly add or detract from the desired value to a home.

1- Avoid Poorly Installed or Damaged Materials

Sometimes an investment in crown molding seems rather expensive. From time to time, purchasing materials from homes that are experiencing a remodel or a build can be a cheaper way of finding affordable crown molding. However, this decision needs a great deal of thought because crown molding that is damaged or poorly installed and then removed can actually decrease the value being sought. Therefore, a decision to purchase these materials sight-unseen is probably one of the most dangerous ones to make, and to do so can actually cheapen the value of a home or waste money in the long run.

A surefire way to avoid experiencing these situations is to hire a professional for his or her opinion. They can offer knowledge and provide connections to affordable options that do add value to a home. It also takes away stress from the home owner so decisions can be made seamlessly because they are backed by professional experience and opinions.

2- Do Not Over Do It

Some crown molding can be very intricate and expensive. However, there is a risk of overdoing it. Sometimes, going with the most expensive or elegant crown molding options might add too much value to a home. Risking this can mean wasting money. Before adding an expensive upgrade to a home, one thing that really needs to be considered is to look at the value of comparable houses in the neighborhood. Obtaining an average price of homes in the area will give a basis of where to place the value of a home because it means avoiding spending too much money. The home’s neighborhood does a lot to pinpoint the value of a home, so going for a more simplistic design means adding the right value of a home instead of too little or too much.

3- Consider Style of the Home Above All

Crown molding is beautiful and timeless. However, going over the top can damage the home’s original style or appeal. A close look should be taken at what will accent the home instead of what will become an eyesore or an overbearing focal point. Sometimes, going for a look that resembles Greek styles might not be the best idea for a modern-looking home. Instead, plaster moldings can add the right accent instead.

“One of the most common styles of crown molding is the three-piece version,” said Crown KG. It adds a transition between walls and ceilings that catch the eye. However, if crown molding also exists around doors and windows, this design might go a little overboard in the long run.

Another fact that can affect the style of a home can be the type of lighting used with crown molding. Some crown molding actually comes with light features nowadays, so it can add a unique conversational piece to a home while providing much-needed illumination.

Crown molding is considered a timeless, classic addition to any home’s style. There are limitations on how far an upgrade should be made, though, so certain factors need to be considered when updating a home. Poorly installed or damaged materials can mean detracting from value instead of increasing it. On the other hand, going overboard can add value to a home to an extreme case, meaning that additional value may not be returned when the house is eventually sold. There are many options of crown molding available on the market, so making the right decision of which one to add to a home needs to be considered carefully, and more often than not, a professional should be consulted for the best result.