4 Killer Ideas to Give Your Guest an Experience They Will Remember

Whether they stay a few hours at a party or stay the weekend, guests are usually a joy to have. The one thing the host may worry about is how to make their stay so wonderfully memorable that they’ll talk about it for years afterwards. Here are four ways to give your guests an experience they’ll remember:

1- Begin the Hospitality at the Door

When guests arrive, meet them at the door with a tray of snacks and cold drinks. Sometimes, a tray full of ice cold bottles of water is enough to impress guests who have come from afar and whose trip has been a bit fraught. When serving food at an event, be sure to include food that all of your guests will enjoy. If you know you have a few vegetarian guests coming, make certain they will have some food they can eat.

Later, don’t let guests go hungry in between the big meals. Keep lots of their favorite snacks on hand and graciously allow them to raid the fridge. Main meals can be casual, but there should be at least one formal dinner where the best dinner service is laid out and everyone dresses up.

2- Spruce up the Guest Quarters

The guest quarters should be perfectly comfortable but make the guest feel like they’re on vacation at the same time. Put fresh bedclothes on the bed and place a list of instructions on the pillow that tell the guest where the toiletries are kept and what to do and not do in the house. Printing this out on a notecard brings a touch of elegance.

Put a tray with magazines and the local newspaper on the nightstand or on the desk, as well as books the guest might be interested in. Other amenities include a carafe of water and drinking glasses. Some guests do enjoy beverages stronger than water, so these should also be available along with implements usually found at a wet bar. Other items include a flashlight, a box of facial tissue and writing tools. It is always good to have a landline telephone handy. A wastebasket should be beside the bed, and when the guest arrives it should be empty. It should be emptied out after they leave.

Make sure the bathroom is guest ready. It should be sparkling clean, have plenty of towels and be equipped with toothbrush, blow-dryer and the guest’s preferred soaps, shampoos and toothpaste. If the floor is cold in the morning, place at least one mat on the floor. A nightlight in the hallway between the bathroom and the bedroom is ideal.

Closets should have plenty of space for the guest, including hangers and at least one luggage rack. Odds and ends should be cleaned out of drawers to make room for the guest’s items. A linen closet should have an abundance of blankets, sheets and pillowcases.

3- Provide Entertainment

If guests are gracious enough to spend their time at your party, you should provide them with entertainment options other than eating food.  You could have a photo booth, dance floor, craft station, or buffet bar where they can make their own food.  “As a host, you should be certain your guests are properly entertained because bored guests make for a boring party,” said PicFlips Flipbooks.

4- Plan Excursions

The evening rendezvous is the best time to plan daily excursions. Depending on the area, this can be hikes or scavenger hunts through the woods, games of tennis, horseback riding or some other sport, picnics on the beach or camping out in the backyard for a night. The host and guest can also go to museums, theater, nightclubs, movies, concerts or fancy restaurants. At the end of the day, everyone should be tired and happy.

A little planning, consideration and sense of fun will make your guests stay a memorable one.