7 Killer Tips for Making Your Move Easier

Moving is considered one of the five most stressful events in life. That’s right, you’re not the only one whose hair starts graying at the thought of moving. According to, it ranks behind only the death of a loved one and divorce as far as being a stress factor. However, moving is something that nearly everyone does at some point in their life, so here are some tips to help you take some of the stress out of your next move.

1. Hire a Moving Company

The easiest way to mitigate much of the stress that comes along with moving is to hire a moving company. Maybe you have breakable valuables that you don’t know how to properly pack and secure for transport. Maybe your furniture is so heavy and plentiful that there is no amount of pizza and beer in the world that could get your friends to help you get it out of your old home and into your new one. Whichever the case may be, let the professionals handle it.

Movers are trained on the proper methods to pack and wrap furniture and other household goods. Also, they’re liable for any damage to your goods that are a result of negligence on their part. While moving companies tend to get a bad rap, just remember, they handle life’s third most stressful event on a daily basis.

2. Load Essentials Last

It is important to have fast access to essential furniture and belongings once you get to your new home, especially if you have kids. If your kids are too young to help, then you will at least need to keep them out of the way for the sake of their own safety. The smart way around this problem is to make living room furniture the last thing you load onto the moving truck when you’re moving out so that it can be the first thing off of the truck when you move in. The idea behind this tip is that you can set up your living room first and have your kids watching their favorite Disney movies and staying out of the way while you get moved into your new abode.

3. Get Used Boxes for Free

As you begin the moving process, you will likely learn that moving is a pretty expensive endeavor. One way to mitigate some of the cost of moving is to get used boxes from your local grocery store or fast food restaurant. If the box was used to store dry goods then it should be in perfect condition to pack your belongings into. Even boxes that show a little wear will do, there isn’t any wear and tear that enough tape can’t handle.

4. Be the Cool Parent

The toll that moving can take on kids can’t really be measured. They are uprooted from the school, neighborhood, and friends that they know and forced to start all over again, so to speak. You can help ease this transition for your kids by being the cool parent. Have a little afternoon mixer at your new home and invite your new neighbors over for light refreshments, and whatever fun the current season allows for. This will give your kids an opportunity to make friends and you an opportunity to meet the other parents in your community.

5. Do Your Research

If you decide to go with a moving company instead of doing it yourself, then it is important to know who you are hiring. There are good moving companies out there and some not so good ones, as well. You want to choose a company with experience and a high customer satisfaction rating. Remember, you won’t just be entrusting these people with random belongings; you will be entrusting them with items of great monetary and sentimental value.

6. Take a Picture of Anything That Needs to be Assembled

Often, when moving, it becomes necessary to disassemble things to transport them safely and create space to increase load capacity. It would be wise to take a picture of everything that you plan on disassembling for your move. There is nothing like reaching your destination, and having no idea how to put your son’s 45 piece bunk bed back together. You should also take pictures of wires to avoid problems hooking your electronics back up.

7. Move in The Summer

The summer is the best time of the year to move. Your kids are out of school, and the weather conditions are at their peak. Winter and fall are very iffy for moving because of the weather and the uprooting that your kids would have to endure, but spring and summer are prime moving seasons.

While moving can be stressful, it can also be a time of excitement. It is a new beginning, a fresh start. Put your best face forward, and follow these 7 tips, and you will make it through your move.