6 Key Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

hiitThese days, many people are looking for ways to get fit, look better, and lead a healthier life. If this is the case for you, it’s important to know that high intensity interval training (HIIT) may be right up your alley. There are a wide range of health and fitness benefits that you can attain from engaging in this form of exercise. Read on to learn more about HIIT training and how it can benefit you:

What Is High Intensity Interval Training?
As noted in Wikipedia, high intensity interval training is a form of exercise that involves alternating between short bursts of intense exercise and a less intense period of recovery. Typically, HIIT sessions will last anywhere from 5-30 minutes.

6 Key Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training
HIIT training will provide people with multiple benefits. Some of them include:

1. Time Efficiency.
One big benefit that results from high intensity interval training is that it is time efficient. As noted in Shape magazine, people can attain more progress by engaging in 15 minutes of interval training than jogging up a treadmill for 60 minutes. People who are really short on time should know that by using the Tabata method, they can get in a great HIIT workout in just 4 minutes.

2. Optimized Calorie Burn.
As many fitness experts know, HIIT workouts afford you the opportunity to burn a ton of calories. Additionally, yo will continue to burn fat and calories for 24 hours following the completion of the HIIT workout as the body completes its repair processes. This means that doing a HIIT workout empowers you to burn more calories than you would have after a steady-pace run.

3. Improved Fitness Level.
According to Orangetheory Fitness, another benefit of HIIT training is that it improves your fitness level. The physical exertion that results from doing intense cardiovascular activity pushes your body into the anaerobic zone. This extreme training has been shown to increase the individual’s capacity for exercise. For example, one study found that following an 8 week period of doing HIIT training, participants were able to bicycle for twice the length of time they could prior to the study.

4. No Equipment Required.
Yet another benefit of HIIT training is that it doesn’t require the use of equipment. This benefit is important because it means that people do not have to invest in machines in order to get a great workout. By simply running, biking, rowing, or jump roping, people can get in high quality physical activity without breaking the bank.

5. Muscle Preservation.
Individuals who are interested in building muscle mass will be happy to note that HIIT is conducive to accomplishing this objective. Unfortunately, exercises that involve a lot of cardiovascular activity can encourage the loss of muscle. On the other hand, HIIT workouts enable individuals to preserve their muscle gains while simultaneously ensuring that the majority of weight loss is from fat.

6. Human Growth Hormone Production.
One final benefit of HIIT training is that it stimulates the production of the human growth hormone. In fact, HGH production can increase by up to 450% after your workout session is completed. This benefit is quite important because HGH accelerates caloric burn. Additionally, it is known to decelerate the aging process. This means that people who do HIIT training on a regular basis can expect to look leaner and more youthful!

Individuals who are interested in optimizing results from physical activity should consider incorporating HIIT training into their workout routine. There are several wonderful results that can transpire from doing so. Some of them include saving time, optimizing caloric burn, improving one’s fitness level, and being able to exercise without the use of expensive equipment. Other benefits of HIIT training include preserving muscle and HGH production. Start engaging in HIIT workouts now to begin reaping these wonderful results!