6 Great Qualities to look for when purchasing Bullets

bulletsFor anyone who has ever shopped for a firearm before, you already know it can come with its own learning curve, as well as a brand-new vocabulary to master. And just when you finally make your decision and have your new firearm in hand, the learning curve arrives again – this time in the form of purchasing bullets.

In this post, learn about 6 great qualities you should look for when purchasing bullets.

Quality 1You can match the type of bullets with your intended use.
This means you don’t have to spend a fortune on bullets if your goal is simply to visit the shooting range for a practice session. You can buy bullets that are inexpensive and will absolutely suit your purpose. They will emit that satisfying “plinking” sound and hit the target as well as heavier ammo, and they also won’t dizzy you with the recoil aftershocks (how the gun reacts as the bullet passes through and out the chamber).

What to look for: All-purpose, lightweight bullets with light recoil that will allow you to fire many practice rounds without wearing out your shooting arm and hand.

Quality 2Today’s bullets allow you to hunt cleanly and humanely.
Modern humans are not so far removed from the days when hunting and gathering food was a daily necessity. As such, you may still feel the entire same thrill of accomplishment and enjoyment when you are out hunting as your predecessors once felt when doing the same. But what doesn’t feel good is to cause any suffering beyond what is necessary for the hunt.

Today’s bullets are built in such a way that you can hunt humanely by selecting ammunition specifically designed to hunt different types of game.

What to look for: Reliable expansion upon impact, heavy bullets designed to penetrate even the thickest protective layers of skin and muscle and bone and a hollow or soft-point tip.

Quality 3For personal defense, you have a special line of bullets to choose from.
When you pick up your firearm, perhaps you are heading out to the practice range and shoot a few rounds with a friend. Maybe you are heading out on a hunting expedition. Or it could be that you are reaching for your gun because you need it for self-defense.

In any of these cases, you want to be sure the bullet you choose is right for the job, and luckily there is a whole class of ammunition specifically designed to help you defend yourself, your home and family to best effect.

What to look for: Hollow point (tip) bullets that fragment at entry. Alternately, tipped bullets or bonded core bullets, each of which ensures maximum incapacitation for the fewest shots fired.

Quality 4You can stick to your budget with the variety of bullets you have to choose from.
Just like you don’t want to buy more car than you can insure, you don’t want to buy more gun than you can load with ammo. Happily, there is such a wide array of firearms and bullet manufacturers that you can find enough selection to control your costs.

What to look for: When shopping for a firearm, be sure to price out how much practice ammunition and field use bullets will cost, so you buy a gun you can afford to load!

Quality 5Ammunition is a field where there is constant improvement and innovation.
When you decide to get a gun, you may have a particular goal in mind. But as you learn more, you will likely discover what many firearm enthusiasts now know – the field of weaponry and ammunition itself is just fascinating. This is why, for many, shooting is a hobby that will last a lifetime.

Quality 6Like people, firearms and bullets come in all shapes and sizes.
“Whether you are a petite lady shooter or a 6-foot-tall bodybuilder who is packing, there is a gun and matching bullets that will be a perfect fit for your strength, hand size, height, weight and uses,” said AZ Bulk Brass.