6 Savvy Uses for an Outside Sound System

An outdoor sound system allows you to enjoy any audio experience while outside. You can listen to news, movies or music while working or relaxing. Music is also a great addition to any special event you are having outdoors. Outdoor sound systems are easy to set up and come with multiple speakers that you can set up around your property in order to deliver a great listening experience. These six savvy uses for your outside sound system can be used at any time of the year when you want to be outdoors.

1- Showing Movies

If you enjoy the fresh air, you can put your outdoor sound system to use by using it to play the audio of your favorite movies. A projector connected to your laptop can show the video while your speaker system streams the audio for a movie theater experience at home. The robust casing of outdoor speakers and sound systems makes them ideal for setting up and keeping them outside,¬†explains the Wikipedia¬†chapter on wireless speakers. Set up some lounge chairs, pop some popcorn and enjoy the experience without having to leave your house. This would work well for a kids’ sleepover or birthday party.

2- Listening to Sports Games

Listening to sports games while you work in the garden or relaxing with your neighbors is a delightful way to spend an afternoon. Instead of being tied to the indoor television in your family room, use your outside sound system to hear every play in the game. According to Audio Video Experience, wireless technology allows your sound system to tie into your Wi-Fi for optimal sound quality and real-time results. You will be able to cheer on your favorite team as you soak up some sun and hang out with your family or a bigger crowd of your friends.

3- Keeping Track of Kids

When you are outside doing yard work or chatting with your partner and the kids are inside, you can use the sound system to keep track of their activities. Link the sound system with a baby monitor to know when your little one wakes up from a nap. The sound system alerts you when the kids are arguing or making mischief. You can also use an outside sound system as an intercom to communicate with your kids and the others who are inside of your house while you are outdoors.

4- Enjoying Music

Enjoying some of your favorite music will be easier with an outdoor sound system. Instead of having poor or distorted sound quality by blasting the volume on your laptop, you can use an outside sound system and listen to music while swimming in your pool. If you are throwing a barbecue, having some background music adds cheer to the event, explains the Wikihow website. You can turn a simple outdoor meal into a lively event by putting on your favorite music. Outdoor sound systems connect with MP3 players, internet radio and your indoor stereo receiver, turntable, CD changer and more.

5- Monitoring Your Home’s Safety

An outdoor sound system makes it easier to monitor your home’s safety and security. The sound system can be set up to alert you to a ringing doorbell. You can tie in your outdoor sound system to your home’s security system so that you know if anyone has gained unauthorized access to any part of your home or an attached or detached garage. You could also use the outdoor sound system to broadcast important information such as weather alerts, which would provide you with plenty of time to get inside in case of a rain shower or thunderstorm.

6- Broadcasting a Public Event

If you are excited about the fourth of July fireworks show but you do not want to face the crowds, use your outside sound system to broadcast the event as it happens. You will be able to hear the 1812 Overture during the grand finale just as if you were there. You could use the system to listen to other special public events such as parades or news stories. The outside sound system would provide you with the information you need without having to get stuck in traffic.