5 Hacks to Keep a Windshield Crack From Spreading

All it takes is one rock getting kicked up by the car in front of you to put a crack in your windshield. It’s inconvenient and annoying, but it happens.

There are two obvious solutions for dealing with a crack in your windshield. You can either take it to a repair shop and have the professionals handle it, or you can purchase a windshield repair kit and take care of the crack yourself.

But maybe you’re unable to get it repaired right away and you need to keep driving your car in the meantime. Here are five hacks that can ensure the crack doesn’t get any worse.

1. Put Super Glue in the Crack

Although super glue isn’t the ideal repair tool for a windshield crack, it can work as a temporary solution if the crack isn’t too large. Start by making sure the crack is clean of dirt and debris. You can use a rag or a paper towel soaked with dish soap and warm water to clean it. Put the tip of the glue into the crack and squeeze until the glue gets forced in there. Move the tip of the glue around so that it’s evenly spread throughout the crack.

Avoid applying too much pressure while you clean the crack or force the glue inside, as that will only make the crack worse. Once the glue is inside, it will harden and hold the windshield together.

2. Apply Nail Polish Around the Crack

Believe it or not, nail polish is one of those household items that also works for sealing up your windshield in a pinch. You’ll start the same way you did with the super glue, by cleaning the windshield around the crack. After that, you simply paint a generous layer of nail polish around the crack. For the best results, you should do this on the inside and outside of the windshield. The nail polish will seep into the crack and then harden, holding it together.

3. Watch Out for the Weather

Weather is your car’s worst enemy when it has a cracked windshield. Snow, wind and rain can all apply considerable pressure to your windshield, spreading cracks even further. You can’t do much about those when you’re driving, but try to park indoors whenever possible.

It’s also a good idea to park in the shade when it’s sunny out, and avoid getting your car washed with cold water on a hot summer day. Temperature variations are bad news for cracks.

4. Tape It Up

This solution won’t work as well as super glue or nail polish, but if all you have is tape, it will provide at least some help. Be very careful when you apply it. You want to get the tape on there tight, but using too much force won’t help.

You should put the tape on the crack from the inside and outside of the care for the most secure hold. This almost goes without saying, but make sure that you only use clear tape for this job. Duct tape may be stronger, but it’s not worth compromising your visibility.

5. Handle Your Car with Care

Although handling your car with care is a good habit in general, it’s even more important to be gentle when you have a cracked windshield. That means close the door softly when you get in and out, don’t slam it. Watch out for potholes, dips and other obstacles in the road which could give your car a jolt and take that crack from bad to worse. Try not to accelerate or deaccelerate too rapidly.

What you need to remember with all these hacks is that they’re temporary solutions, and they’re best for small to medium cracks, meaning those that are under 12 inches long. They can work very well for keeping your windshield together for a couple days when you’re too busy to go get it repaired. But don’t expect them to last over the long haul. Find the hack that’s most convenient for you and get the crack fixed as soon as possible.