5 Telltale Signs it’s Time to Call a Plumber

While there are several small plumbing problems that you can fix in your home or business, you should call a plumber for some situations. Plumbing companies have the tools and extra parts required to make specialty repairs. In addition, a team of plumbers can work in a building to lift and move heavy objects such as water heaters, bathtubs and toilets. When you don’t understand how to make a repair to a plumbing fixture, attempting an amateur repair can lead to a disaster such as a flooded building or a serious injury. Contact a plumber when your business or home has these five problems.

1. Foul Tasting and Discolored Water

If you have foul tasting water gushing from the faucets in a building, then there are serious problems with the pipes. According to SC Plumbing Services LLC, the water pipes that are installed in commercial or residential properties are designed to last for many years, but eventually, the items degrade. Alternatively, your business or home might have had poor-quality pipes installed that have degraded inside, leading to water that isn’t safe to use or drink. Fortunately, a knowledgeable plumbing team can install new pipes and connectors throughout a building to ensure that you have delicious and safe water to use on a daily basis.

2. Replacing a Building’s Water Heater

The average residential water heater will last for approximately 25 years while a commercial water heater may have a shorter life span. The removal of an old water heater before the installation of a new appliance is complex because it involves draining the holding tank. In addition, a plumber must understand how to turn off and turn on the water heater’s fuel. Working around natural gas pipes and electrical wiring is often dangerous, but a plumber understands the proper process to make sure that the water heater works correctly. A plumber will also haul away an old water heater to a recycling center.

3. Installation of a Bathtub

When you need to replace a bathroom’s bathtub, it can require installing new pipes and a faucet to make sure that the fixture works properly. Before the installation of a bathtub, the plumbers must remove the individual tiles or bathtub surround. If these items are in poor condition, then you should also replace these devices. Lifting and carrying a bathtub is a strenuous task, but a group of plumbers can replace a bathtub in only a few hours because they have the proper equipment to complete the task.

4. Replacing a Toilet

Toilets are used frequently in residential or commercial buildings, and the fixtures stop functioning properly within a few years. It is better to replace an old toilet rather than making several repairs to the parts inside the toilet’s tank. You may also want to install a new toilet to have additional features or because the old one uses too much water. First, a plumber will turn off the water source to the old toilet before draining it. While installing the new toilet, the plumber must use caution to avoid damaging its delicate materials. To make sure that the toilet works correctly, all of the toilet’s interior components must have specialized adjustments.

5. Installation of a Garbage Disposal

When the garbage disposal in your kitchen’s sink stops working, a plumber can install a new appliance. Replacing a garbage disposal requires understanding a building’s plumbing and electrical system. A plumber will protect your kitchen sink and countertops from damage while installing a new garbage disposal. After the installation is completed, the plumber will verify that the appliance is working optimally before cleaning up the work area.

How to Hire a Plumber

If you are considering hiring a plumber, then make sure that the technician has licensing to perform the job. Check a plumber’s references carefully, and make sure that the individual has no criminal history. Learn more about the cost of repairs and installations of plumbing fixtures before requesting a service. Many plumbing companies provide free estimates first to help you make a decision. Some plumbers offer payment plans, or they will accept credit cards for their plumbing services.