5 Great Travel Pieces That Are Both Comfy and Fashion Forward

When you’re planning a trip, the thought of seeing the world is glamorous and exciting. Once your trip begins, you realize that traveling involves a good deal of sitting, standing and walking.

That’s not to say that the adventure isn’t worth the effort. It’s just important to remember that if you don’t dress properly for your travels, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up uncomfortable.

Thankfully, wearing travel-smart clothing doesn’t have to interfere with your fashion sense. For your next trip, try the following pieces that are both comfortable and attractive.

1- Sturdy Sandals
Most trips involve plenty of walking. Whether you’re going between airport terminals browsing gift shops on a downtown strip, it’s a good idea to wear shoes that are both comfortable and supportive.

Lace-up shoes might be tempting, especially if you’ll be doing many outdoor adventures on your trip, but tying and untying shoes can be a pain when going through airport security. Walking sandals are a quicker alternative. Look for pairs that are both lightweight and supportive, so you can wear them all day long. Adjustable straps will help you size the shoes perfectly for the shape of your feet.

Leather straps give sandals a dressy look that works for both casual outfits and dressier ones. Leather is a type of material that will last for years so you will definitely have your money’s worth.

2- Adjustable Shirts
Why settle for a shirt that has to be long-sleeved or has to be short-sleeved when you can get both lengths from one shirt? Rolled or scrunched sleeves are totally trendy, and that’s great news for the smart packer who wants to consolidate her travel wardrobe.

This look works best with shirts or dresses that have cuffed sleeves. Just be sure to choose a style in which the unrolled sleeves do fit your arms properly. That way, you can wear them down on days when the weather calls for warmer shirts.

3- No-wrinkle Pants
Traveling presents so many opportunities for pants to get crumpled. Wearing them while seated on an airplane for hours is a major culprit. Folding them in your luggage is another. You could always iron them, but who wants to waste precious vacation time doing that household chore?

Wrinkle-free pants to the rescue! Every traveler should bring at least one pair of pants that always look good–no ironing required.

It’s even better if you find a pair that not only resists wrinkles but is also unbelievably comfortable to wear. They’re made of a rayon and nylon blend that stretches with you, and their slimming cut looks great for both business meetings and casual dinners.

4- Soft Sweater
TAGS said, “Dressing in layers is the key to packing light yet being comfortable throughout your trip.” A warm but lightweight cardigan can be put on and removed as need. Neutral colors add to the versatility.

When you select a sweater in a cozy fabric, the material can even double as a blanket on a chilly airplane flight. It can also come in handy in air-conditioned restaurants or cool meeting rooms and can take the place of a jacket on a breezy day. If you’d prefer not to deal with sleeves, try a wrap-style sweater, which drapes elegantly over your shoulders.

5- Weather-resistant Jacket
Don’t let cold or rain hinder your travel plans. Come prepared with a lightweight jacket that will help you stay warm and dry.

Today’s fabric technology gives you multiple choices for jackets that are just right for wearing on wet days. Look for materials that resist water, wick moisture away from your skin and dry quickly.