3 Ways to Eliminate Workspace Issues at Your Company

Workspace issues continue to plague companies of all sizes, according to OnePointe Solutions. There isn’t always enough room to give people the space they want. Business might be expanding and this means having to hire more employees. However, you might not have the room to give everyone their own workspace.

The good news is that there are ways to reduce some of the space issues.

1. Allow People to Work from Anywhere

Technology has made it easier than ever for people to be able to work from virtually anywhere. As such, companies around the globe are allowing employees to unplug and take their laptop anywhere they wish.

Employees work from home, from a local coffee shop, and more. It offers flexibility and people get to choose where they are most comfortable. The only time you might require people to come into the office is for a meeting – and even these can be done virtually with Skype and other conferencing software.

Especially when you are a creative company, it’s been shown that creativity is best achieved when a person is in solitude. A person will do their best work when they’re not surrounded by other people or crammed into a small cubicle.

2. Create Collaborative Working Spaces

Many offices have had luck with creating collaborative working spaces. This means breaking down the barriers of the cubicles altogether. Long desks are placed inside of an office and everyone finds a spot to sit down with their laptop. Various collaborative tools make it easier for people to chat. This way, they can sit around the table and work on a project together or use various online tools so they can conference in people who are at another table, another office, or somewhere else altogether – including those who are clear across the globe.

The collaborative workspaces are ideal when there is not a need for a large amount of paper. When the work is done digitally, then all people need is a laptop. The spaces are open and therefore people don’t feel so confined. Additionally, it allows you to have more people inside the office without having to look at getting additional corporate real estate.

3. Set Different Work Schedules

You might also want to set up different work schedules for your staff. Two shifts will allow you to have double the employees without having to increase the number of offices or desks. Instead, you provide the desks, cubicles, and/or offices for everyone. People might share their space with someone else, but not at the same time. One person would have it during the day and the other person would have it at night.

This has worked for a number of companies. Many employees prefer it as well because it offers some flexibility. Not everyone wants (or can) work the 9 to 5 shift. By offering a nighttime shift, you might be able to tap into some new talent and eliminate some of the different workspace issues at the same time.

Decide What Works for You

With so many different ways to eliminate workspace issues, you have to decide what’s right for your company. Much of it will depend on how much space you need as well as the nature of your work. It might be beneficial to talk to your employees in order to get their input. You don’t want to make a major decision without getting employee opinions because it could impact whether employees want to continue working for you. There’s no need to lose your entire workforce over making one decision.

Once you talk to your employees, you can implement a change and ensure that everyone is happy with what happens moving forward.