3 Reasons to Repair Your Septic System Immediately

Has your home’s septic system malfunctioned recently? Savvy real estate owners appreciate the vital importance of maintaining this asset in good condition. In fact, broken septic systems pose a significant health, safety and financial risk.

If you suspect problems have arisen, it makes sense to seek repair assistance in a timely manner. Don’t delay! At least three reasons warrant prompt action on the part of homeowners:

1. Delay Won’t Correct The Malfunction

Unfortunately, ignoring a problem with a residential septic system won’t make the issue disappear. These types of malfunctions typically don’t resolve without the intervention of a qualified plumber or septic system contractor. In the vast majority of cases, property owners discover they must obtain assistance to pump out a full septic tank as a regular maintenance responsibility. The size of the septic tank and the number of household residents remain factors in determining the frequency of pumping.

Septic tanks have become a popular waste disposal method in rural areas lacking municipal sewer connections. Waste flows from bathrooms into large underground tanks, where bacteria gradually break down the sewage over the course of time. Despite the large size of the typical household sewage tank, these containers require periodic pumping in order to remain functional.

2. Failing to Act Might Increase Repair Costs

Failing to take corrective action to investigate and repair septic system problems may result in significantly higher repair bills. For instance, in some cases a blockage impairing a drain line will eventually result in waste backing up into basements. This situation may require professional drain cleaning, or even the installation of new pipe. It may involve significant cleanup expenses. Tree roots invading drainage pipes sometimes contribute to slow waste drainage issues, for instance. By correcting this problem as rapidly as possible, plumbers can often minimize the damage. It usually proves far cheaper to repair a leak than to replace an entire pipe because of a rupture, according to Septic Solutions Inc.

Additionally, if the septic tank itself breaks, waste may leak into surrounding soil and cause long term problems. Digging a new septic tank site typically requires the use of excavating equipment. It can prove quite expensive under some circumstances. By allowing a septic system problem to remain unaddressed, homeowners may ultimately discover an initial minor problem expanded in scope. Repairs may prove costly as a result of unwise delays.

3. A Damaged Septic System Poses a Potential Health Hazard

Another important reason to take prompt action to correct septic system concerns relates to health and safety issues. For example, sewage draining into a backyard through a leaking pipe or septic tank may ultimately foul the air in the immediate vicinity. It can become a source of contamination and degrade real estate values.

In some locations, properties with septic system problems adjoin homes owned by other people. Draining sewage from a leaking pipe or an improperly maintained septic tank may ultimately result in complaints to public health authorities. These situations could lead to the filing of legal actions, the imposition of fines or, in the case of accidents, to the filing of criminal charges. For this reason, most homeowners appreciate the importance of addressing possible septic system concerns in a timely fashion.

Enjoy a Well-Maintained System

By taking steps to help keep your home’s septic system in good condition throughout the year, you’ll enhance the enjoyment your household obtains from the property. No one appreciates living with a long term plumbing problem.

Broken or outdated septic tank systems detract from property values. Resolve to seek the correction of septic system malfunctions as soon as potential concerns come to your attention!