3 Reasons Why Candles Make the Perfect Gift

You may remember when your mom passed out candles to all her friends at Christmas, or perhaps you spent time dipping wicks into molten wax for fun. While you may or may not have forgotten about these little gems, candles are still excellent go-to gifts when you cannot think of anything else to get for someone. One of the best things about candles is that you can mix and match, add things, and give them to men and women alike.

Everyone can find an affordable candle

Even if you choose to spend around $20 per person, you can afford to buy a personalized candle with your friend’s initials on it. This candle would make an excellent gift for any holiday, birthday, or celebratory event. You might find that you start stocking up on these fun, scented wonders. The Huffington Post shows off an engraved candle along with nine other gift options for $25 or less to help you keep from breaking the bank during the holidays. The candles also work great for weeks when you miss a day of work, but you want to get your coworker a thoughtful present for getting the promotion they won.

Candles are perfect for any person or occasion

No matter whether your niece is graduating high school or your best friend just had her third child; a candle is a fun gift that you can personalize, embellish, or pair with other gifts to make someone feel special. You can place a picture with a poem or inspirational message in a box with a vanilla scented candle and watch your best friend melt when she opens your gift. Pair a few white candles together and have someone engrave them for your roommate’s wedding to give the couple a special gift that will make them think of you every time the couple lights the waxy wonders.

Long-burning candles provide enjoyment for weeks or months

Forbes showcases some super luxurious candles that burn for hours and hours giving your gift recipient enjoyment from your gift for the entire year. Scents like wild fig and English rose offer decadent aromas in a candle that burns for more than 200 hours. Who does not want a gift that they can use over and over? Candles are a versatile option that let you give a guy a masculine scent that he will love to use in his bachelor pad, all the while providing your frazzled sister Suzy with a calming lavender to soothe her nerves after a long day at the daycare center.

Do you know what else you can do with a collection of candles in your closet?

You can give yourself a confidence boost or reward for a job well done when you have a candle box at the ready. You can purchase a plastic tote or just pick up a box at the grocery store to pack all of your gift ideas away in the closet. When you are having a rough day because of something bad at work or your personal life is just not on track, you can always pull out the tote and pick a scented candle that fits your mood. Think of it as an instant pick-me-up for the days when nothing seems to go right, or you just want something to help you forget about the day. Select your favorite candle, grab a bottle of wine and a glass, put some tunes on your iPhone, and head to the bathroom for a nice long soak in the tub. You may not feel like a little candle can make a difference, but it will go a long way to returning you to a better state of mind.

The versatility of candles is the reason why they are a timeless gift option. We all have that one person on our list that we can never figure out what to get. With a candle, you can make the present as personal or non-descript as you want. A huge advantage of having a candle stash is the times when you forget someone’s birthday, and you need a present fast! We can all make use of candle gifts at one time or another. Did I mention that moms love candles!