7 Stunning Dresses You Could Wear to Any Special Event


It’s not uncommon for a woman to look in her closet on any given day and complain that she has nothing to wear. Even though her closet might be stuffed to the brim, many women struggle with choosing an outfit that fits just right. For special events, there is an understandable desire to look extra special. Instead of rummaging through the closet like a mad woman, it’s time to stock your closet with a few killer dresses you can use at any time. If you’d like to be able to find a stunning dress in your closet without any effort, be sure to stock your closet with the following seven choices.

1. Sheath Dresses
Sheath dresses are very classic and classy cuts that will never go out of style. This timeless piece highlights a woman’s shape in an elegant way. They are form-fitting, but not overly revealing. Sheath dresses tend to stop somewhere around the kneecap. They can easily be worn with an elegant pair of nude heels and a simple purse to church or a wedding.

2. Wrap Dresses
The wrap dress is a must-have for every woman’s closet. It fits especially well for those days when you want to feel fresher and womanly. The wrap dress elegantly highlights a woman’s figure and accentuates it in a flattering way. This dress was first birthed in the 1930s, but Diane Von Furstenberg really put her own spin on it and made this dress a household staple. If you’d prefer to enjoy a more subdued look, purchase a wrap dress in a solid color like navy blue or black. For a flashy, show-stopping look, purchase a wrap dress in a fun print.

3. Maxi Dresses
Maxi dresses are easy to throw on. These floor length dresses are formal enough to wear to a formal evening event and can be tons of fun at the birthday party. Madison James said, “When it comes to maxi dresses, the success of it has to do with the print you choose.” A cotton print may be a bit too casual for an evening event but a soft chiffon or silk number will work perfectly. Maxi dresses are easy to accessorize. To accentuate a smaller waist, choose a skinny belt to glide on top on cinch the dress in more.

4. A-Line Dresses
A-line dresses are popular choices for special events. Though many brides are choosing mermaid-styles for their gowns, floor-length A-line dresses are still one of the most popular cuts for weddings. A-line dresses work the best for women with pear shapes. A-line dresses help provide a smooth appearance and camouflage any unwanted attention to the lower half. For women who have a large bust, A-line dresses can work well too, because they can balance out the top. A-line dresses that stop just above the knees are perfect party dresses. Worn with a fun pair of heels and a cute necklace, this cut will instantly add feminine flair to a woman’s look.

5. Peplum Dresses
Peplum dresses are one of the most flattering and most forgiving dresses to wear. The best way to distinguish a peplum dress from the rest is to look at its sewn-in overskirt on top of the regular skirt. This overskirt is very forgiving for a woman who may have a bigger midsection that she wants to camouflage. Peplum dresses are undoubtedly feminine in their appeal and can be worn to special events with a variety of beautiful accessories.

6. Tunic Dresses
Tunic dresses are known for their ability to be versatile. Even though tunic dresses are worn a lot in casual settings, they can also be worn for special events. The trick with tunic dresses is to make sure that the fabric is appropriate. For formal and dressy events, wear tunics in fabrics like silk. But, don’t shy away from this style just because it’s a shirtdress. It can translate beautifully in a formal setting and is one of the most comfortable dresses to wear.

7. Drape Dresses
Designers have been draping fabric for decades because of its ability to flatter and conceal. For those areas of the body you’d like to conceal, draped fabric will completely draw the eye away from any imperfections. Not only are draped dresses timeless, they are also extremely comfortable and forgiving to wear.

With these seven options for stunning dresses, there’s no reason for any woman to look at her closet and complain of having nothing to wear. Along with mixing and matching accessories, these different styles will give a woman tons of looks for years to come.