3 Frugal Benefits of Having a Beach Wedding This Summer

Most weddings are very expensive, and the cost is only increasing over time. It’s only natural that people would look for ways to cut the price down to a reasonable level. One of the best ways, and one that surprisingly few people consider, is holding the wedding on a beach. Using a beach for the wedding venue carries some immediate discounts compared to most other venues, but it also has some benefits that many wedding planers overlook. Most of the people who do choose a beach wedding do it because they want to celebrate in a natural and beautiful area, but that’s no reason to avoid examining the more concrete reasons to get married on the sand.

1- A Cheap Venue

Renting a venue is one of the most expensive parts of most weddings, but it’s also one of the most variable expenses. In many cases, people spend thousands of dollars renting a building for a single night. In contrast, many beaches are available for a few hundred dollars. That’s an excellent deal, not just because they are cheaper than most traditional venues, but because they offer far more space as well.

Naturally, the precise cost of the beach will vary, usually depending on how popular the beach is. That will change based on the season, so discounts are often available during the beach’s off season. Renting a large amount of beach space will also cost more money, although the increase is usually much smaller than the increase that comes with renting more space inside a building.

2- Setup Costs

Most of the other costs associated with the wedding come from setting up the event. According to Seashell Wedding Company, food, furnishings, and decorations can all get very expensive, but holding the ceremony and reception on the beach can help to reduce those costs. A large part of the discount comes from the fact that guests expect a different sort of event at a beach than they do at a traditional venue.

When people go to a beach wedding, they expect relatively simple comforts that are easy to provide outdoors. Simple collapsing furniture that would seem out of place indoors are the norm at beach weddings, and that kind of furniture tends to be much cheaper than the alternatives. It’s possible to see a similar discount in the catering cost, since food that can be cheaply prepared outdoors is common at beach weddings. More traditional options are also available for those who want them, but those who are willing to break the mold can save a great deal of money.

The savings increase with the number of guests at the wedding. Every guest at the wedding is another person that needs to be fed and given space at a table. Those costs add up quickly, so they can often put a firm limit on the number of people that get invited to the wedding. Since beach weddings can reduce the cost per person, they can both save a significant amount of money and allow the happy couple to invite more of their friends and relatives without exceeding their budget.

3- Saving Labor

Time is money. Most people end up either spending a large amount of time planning their wedding and setting up for the big event, or else they spend a large amount of money paying someone else to do that work. The amount of work that it takes to put a wedding together is something that many people ignore when they do their planning, but it’s a major expense. The only way to reduce it is to simplify the process. Choosing a beach wedding is not the only way to do that, but it is one of the easier methods.

The complexity is reduced at almost every step of the process. Most people live fairly close to a massive variety of buildings that could host a wedding, but only a few beaches. Choosing a beach wedding reduces the number of choices that need to be examined before making the final selection. Since a beach provides natural decorations for the ceremony, the couple can spend less time planning their venue’s decorations. That sort of thing may not seem like a big difference, but the sheer number of small simplifications does add up.