7 Clever Ways to Add Furniture to Your Living Room

living-roomThe living room is the focal point of a house. It’s where friends get together, families spend quality time with one another, and where people just tend to congregate. Unfortunately, lots of homes simply don’t have as much living room space as a family would like! There are some creative ways, however, to sneak more seating in your living room. Here are seven easy ways!

A great option is purchasing a storage bench. These are great because they can hide away items that you want out of sight but they can also be used as an additional seating arrangement. It’s unsightly to cram too much furniture into one room so a storage bench is a perfect addition! These storage benches are also perfect when they are built into walls. They save on room and they look modern. A recent article in Forbes Magazine shows that using built in benches make small living rooms look larger.

Large L-shaped couches go great in wider living rooms. These typically seat more people than just a couch and a love seat. The l-shaped couches also allow people room to get cozy with one another. They look nice in a living room and they’re a practical way to seat more bodies. These sectionals don’t have to be pricey. An article in the NY Times found that a cheaper sofa will get the same job done as a more expensive sofa. You just have to shop around.

An ottoman is a fantastic addition to any living room. Not only does it provide a relaxing place for people to kick their feet up on, it can also be additional seating. It’s not too gaudy because it serves multi-functions in a living room setting. Ottomans can also double as storage which saves on space. Ottomans come in all different shapes and sizes so one is sure to match your living room.

Oversized floor cushions are not only a great way to add additional seating to a living room, they’re also super fun! These can be stored in a closet and pulled out when guests are over. They’re great for people to lounge around on during movie night or game night. The best part is that these can either be made or bought. It just depends on how crafty you want to get.

Eliminate more tables from your living room and add more chairs instead! Coffee tables are bulky and there’s really no need for more than one or two in a living room. Remove those and replace with some fun-designed chairs! You can mix and match these to even add some character to a room.

When keeping one big coffee table, choose small chairs that fit neatly underneath. That way they can be pulled out when more guests are over but tucked away when it’s just you or your family. These neat little chairs are perfect if a family wants to spend a night eating together in the living room, perhaps with pizza. They can cuddle around the table which makes a family night more intimate and homey, according to Danish Modern L.A.

A final clever way to increase seating in your living room is to add a modern daybed. They add an air of sophistication and also provide ample seating. They are perfect for a few people to sit on or for one person to lay back on. These daybeds don’t take up much space which is why they are a perfect addition for any sized living room.

Overall, look at the size and shape of your living room. That will help you decide what clever furniture hack is the perfect fit for you. Couches, loveseats, and sectionals can only go so far. They are perfect for entertaining your family but if you plan on having guests over, you’ll want more seating options. Try one of these creative hacks and impress your guests by showing that you thought of them enough to seek out additional seating arrangements.