The Ultimate Guide to Renting a Laptop

There are a variety of situations where you might need to rent a laptop. For some people, they want the security of owning their laptop. Others like the benefits you get when you rent a laptop. Whether it’s for personal use, work requirements, school or conferences, a laptop rental can make sense for some.

Benefits of Renting a Laptop for Personal Use

Newest Technology
When you buy a laptop, you’re purchasing a piece of equipment that will have outdated technology by the end of the year. As you use the computer, it’ll start to slow down. Instead of pining for a new laptop that you have to wait years to purchase, you can rent a laptop and switch it out for a new one as soon as new features hit the market.

Small Weekly Payments
Instead of coming up with a large sum of money to purchase a computer, you can rent one on a weekly basis. This is great for people who can’t afford a huge chunk of money up front for their computer. In the end, it can cost more to rent than it would to buy the same computer. This should be kept in mind when renting.

This option is like a layaway plan for a laptop, but with the added bonus of you being able to use it while you pay it off from the rental company. This is another type of laptop rental that will cost more in the long run, but it’s a good option for those who don’t have enough to purchase a laptop immediately.

Situations Needing a Laptop

There are times when you might need a laptop for school or work, and that’s when rent-to-own options are great for those who don’t have the cash to make a large purchase. Other situations require a laptop too.

Client Presentations
Game creators and graphic artists work with mediums that require certain types of computer programs. They can’t always be handled by current laptops. Renting a laptop for a presentation means you’ll be getting the best technology with the best graphics.

Conventions and Trade Shows
Many companies use rented laptops for conventions and trade shows where they’re trying to make a huge impression and get noticed. It’s important to capture the attention of visitors with technology.

How to Find a Good One

You’ll need to determine your laptop needs before heading out to rent a laptop. The situation might call for one laptop or a dozen. You might ask yourself a few questions before contacting a rental company.

  • Will the laptop need to go online?
  • What kind of graphics do I need?
  • How long are the laptops required?

Online Reviews
You’ll want to rent from a reliable company that specializes in laptop rentals. While you could try your local rent-to-own store specializing in household furniture, it’s not going to have a wide range of laptop options.

Instead, find an electronics company that will have a range of options for your needs. Check those rental companies to make sure they’ve been in business for a while. Online reviews are always a good place to check customer experience. Be aware of companies that aren’t reliable.

Laptop Rental Prices
As if you were purchasing a laptop, you’ll want to find a company that has the best pricing for the model that you need. It’s always best to check online to compare prices before calling the store.

It can take a while to find the right laptop with the graphics that you need and the security you expect from your computer. They might not have the amount of laptops needed. It could take some time to research, find the right company and rent the amount of laptops for your presentation or trade show.