The Ultimate Mom Guide to Baby Products

Whether you are a new mom or have children at home, there are baby products that you want to stock up on that will make life a bit more convenient. Some of these items are perfect for baby shower gifts, so you want to make a list of what you want and what you need as soon as you can so that it can be added to your shower invitations. You could also go to a retail store and make a baby registry with the items that you want so that people can buy them online or go to the store and access your list.

Nursery Furniture

You’re going to need a crib, but it’s best to start off with a bassinet of some kind. This is a small bed that usually has wheels on the bottom that can be locked in place. It’s convenient for keeping beside your bed at night and for moving to other rooms in the house so that you can get work done or rest with the baby close to you instead of in the nursery. A changing table is also a good idea along with a diaper stacker. Make sure the table has shelf space for diapers and baby needs for when you’re changing diapers or when you’re changing the baby’s clothes. A rocking chair is also an idea for the nursery as it allows you to gently get the baby to sleep while holding the baby close during the day and at night. You’ll also want to have a dresser. Sort clothing into seasons and sizes. You might want to consider sorting by types of baby clothes as well, such as sleepers in one drawer and shirts or gowns in another.

Blankets and Other Linens

Keep a good supply of crib sheets on hand in case there are accidents. Even if you don’t have a theme for the nursery, you’ll want a crib bumper to prevent the baby from hitting the bars of the crib. Thin receiving blankets are good for putting on the shoulder when you’re burping, for putting on the bed while changing the baby or for covering the baby while in the car seat to protect against the sun. Waterproof mattress protectors are a good idea as well, especially if your baby tends to wet a diaper on a frequent basis. Avoid putting pillows in the crib because of a risk of SIDS.

Safety For The Home

You won’t really need to worry about safety features for the home until the baby starts crawling, but it’s a good idea to have them on hand. Gates should be placed at the top and bottom of stairs. Put outlet plugs around the house as well as door latches and toilet latches. You also want to put bumpers on the coffee table and other tables that have sharp edges.

Time To Eat

These are items that you can often request as baby shower gifts. You’ll want quite a few bottles of different sizes. A drying rack and a bottle brush or two also make life easier. A bottle warmer is an idea if you don’t want to spend time heating water in a pot. If you’re nursing, then you’re going to want nursing bras and nursing pads so that you’re comfortable.

Additional Items

Keep a few diaper bags prepared with diapers, wipes and other items that are needed for when you visit family and friends, when you go to church or when you go out to run errands. Stock up on diapers in a variety of sizes and baby wipes. For bathing, you’re going to want to have a small tub, hooded towels, and baby shampoo or baby wash. These are also items that you can request that people get for your shower.