How to Choose The Best Cigar For The Man In Your Life

Make your man’s moments memorable by surprising him with the best cigars. Cigars are the staple of manhood and every cigar lover has their own taste and choice. It can be daunting to get the right choice for him unless he gives you a hint of his tastes or you get to understand how to choose the best cigar yourself.

Each important occasion such as a wedding, graduation, baby shower, playing poker, or just relaxing after dinner means that your man should smoke the best cigar. The uninitiated think that any cigar is just fine, but genuine cigar lovers know that it is more than just the appearance. It is more to do with the craftsmanship, origin, taste, and quality. Below are the factors to consider when choosing the best cigar from that well-stocked cigar humidor:

Quality of the Cigar Filler

The filler is the inside goodness of a cigar. It consists of fermented and dried tobacco, which brings out different aromas and flavors. From your man’s choices of brands, you can tell the flavors and aromas of his choice. If your man is a rookie or a beginner, consider getting a less stuffed cigar. Expert smokers prefer a fully stuffed-bodied cigar. Whether it is medium, full or mild, the taste should be pleasing but not overwhelming.

The quality of the cigar is also determined the craftsmanship used in making it. Cigars such as the Nicaraguans are made by hand and kept in oak barrels for months to ferment. The tobacco absorbs the vanillin oils, giving it the vanilla flavor. Well fermented tobacco is strong and of high quality – he will never forget the feeling once you get it for him.

Length of the cigar

For how long is your man going to enjoy his cigar? Does he play poker until late at night? The length depends on the targeted duration of use, whether it is a Romeo and Juliet, or the Churchill cigar. The size of a cigar could also affect the flavor and the quantity of the filler. A long cigar means an extended cigar moment.

The Shape of the Cigar

You might be thinking that the fatness of a cigar determines how strong it is while in reality it does not. The quality and type of the tobacco determines how strong it is. The shape of the cigar refers to its internal diameter. The larger it is, the more the tobacco contained in the cigar. As much as you want the best cigar for your man, you should invest your money in a cigar that is worth it.

What Else Should you Consider?

After picking a cigar with the right choice of shape, size and filler, the journey does not end there. You need to check the wrapper and judge its appearance. The wrapper is important since in most cigar brands, it produces the aroma and flavor. Choose a wrapper that displays no signs of tear or spots. Cuban cigars could be great, but do you suspect that it could be a fake cigar disguised by the wrapping?

Avoid picking cigars with a dry, flaky, or crumbling feeling when touched. Such cigars have not been stored under the proper humidity and therefore, they will probably have a poor taste and flavor. If the cigar has a pleasing smell, it is highly likely to have a pleasing taste too.

Pick the perfect cigar that will make your man proud as he smokes around his peers. If you understand his great love for cigars, you will probably get the right choice for him at all cost. Take your time to evaluate that cigar completely rather than picking fast Swisher Sweets at the gas station.