The Top Christmas Gifts to Give a Young Girl

If you have a special young girl in your life, you likely want to find an equally special gift for her this Christmas. But many adults are rather out of touch with what young girls are interested in these days. Will she still like stuffed animals or cartoon videos, or has she already progressed onto clothes and makeup? Will she appreciate something useful, or does she want toys?

It’s often difficult to tell what a young girl wants for Christmas if she hasn’t already told you. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with a thorough list of the top Christmas gifts that the young girl in your life will be sure to love!

1. A Beginner Musical Instrument
Starting early with a musical instrument is great if you hope to get better as your grow older. Consider purchasing a small guitar or beginner violin for your little girl if she shows an interest in music. Piano lessons may be another great gift for her.

2. Fiction Books
Books are always a great gift for girls and boys alike. Check out some of the top ten lists online to find some books that your little girl may be interested in. A book of beginner poetry may also spark your child’s imagination.

3. Art Supplies
For girls who love to draw, paint and make all types of things, art supplies are always a great gift choice! Consider purchasing a set of drawing pencils, some new watercolors and a pad of watercolor paper or a beginner sculpture kit.

4. Dress Up and Make Believe Toys for Little Girls
“For littler girls, dressing up and playing make believe are two activities that most adore,” said A Pink Princess. Consider buying a princess dress and fake heels or a small pretend kitchen for your daughter, and watch her have a ball with them!

5. Clothes and Makeup for Older Girls
There comes a time in every young person’s life when toys are left behind, and clothes become way more important. To help your little girl make the transition, you might purchase some tasteful clothes for her. For this gift, don’t forget to do some trying on as it can be difficult to get the sizing right. Makeup may also be something to explore as a gift. If you are a parent and alright with your daughter wearing some light lipgloss or mascara, these may be beginner makeup products that you can consider for her.

6. Science Equipment or Science Kits
Many girls are discouraged from getting involved in the sciences at a young age and are instead pushed more toward fashion and the arts. This is fine if these are interests that your child has, but some girls may be dying to explore the world of science. Try a microscope as a gift, or get her a bug or tree exploration kit.

7. School Supplies
For kids who love school, a brand new set of school supplies to start the new semester may be right up your alley. Consider a new bouquet of pencils, a brand new pad of paper or some new, fun folders.

8. Art Projects
Art supplies may be a great gift for little girls who know what they want to create, but some girls may prefer to have a little help coming up with the end project. For these gals, try a boxed art project with instructions. You might consider getting her a color by numbers poster, a bird house project or something similar. She can put it together over the holiday break!

9. Sports Equipment
For athletic youngsters, some sports equipment may be a great idea. Consider getting her a trampoline, a new basketball, a softball mitt or a yoga mat to practice her tumbling or stretching.

10. Room Decor 
Kids love to decorate too! Consider getting her a new desk lamp, a fuzzy throw blanket or a fun rug for her floor. Also, is there a certain band that she likes? Does she adore a specific movie? A great gift may be a poster of her favorite actor or actress, movie or musical artist.

Finally, remember that it’s always the thought that counts when it comes to gifts. Pick something that you feel will mean a lot to your little one, and it will be sure to go over well.