9 Gift Ideas for the Military Veteran in your Life

New York's Veterans Day Parade Honors Military PersonnelNovember is one of the best months to show appreciation for the military veteran in your life. That’s because it’s the holiday season. Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are right around the corner. Sometimes it’s hard to pick a gift for a veteran. Many wonder how they choose something fitting for someone who has served their country. Luckily, there are gifts out there that are sure to be a hit among veterans of any branch. Here are 9 gift ideas for the military veteran in your life.

First, a customized keepsake gift is the perfect way to show them that they are appreciated. There are a lot of websites out there that specialize in handmade goods and customization. Get them a small plaque or something that has their name listed and a small phrase such as “Our American Hero.”

Another great gift is a nice t-shirt that they can wear anytime. Get them something that represents what branch of the military or one that supports the United States. They served their country and it’s only natural that they’ll want to showcase what they’ve done.

Embroidered hats are also great for veterans. A lot of older combat veterans who have served in World War 2, The Korean War, or the Vietnam War would love a hat to commemorate their service. It’s a way for them to show their accomplishment. These older veterans love sharing stories of the past. This is a great way for people to strike up a conversation with them. The Huffington Post stated in a recent article that veterans love to be re-engaged with civilians. Most want people to ask them about their past.

It’s no secret that men and women appreciate a good watch. These are even more beloved by veterans. An Armor Watch is great because it’s licensed by the United States Marine Corps. This watch will withstand all the wear and tear that a veteran goes through. The watch also tells time in military time.

A small statue is a great gift for the veteran in your life. Get them one that represents either the branch of service they were in or the job they had. These make great pieces for shelves. There are hand-finished authentic statues out there which are a great gift because they really show gratitude.

A veteran coin is a small token of appreciation that the veteran in your life can take with them wherever they go. The best thing about these is that they are small but are very personable. “The coin can represent the branch of the military that a person served in or the war they fought in,” said Medals of America. The coins can be carried around in your veterans pockets or wallet. They are light-weight but the perfect gift to show that you care. Many see these coins as symbols of good luck, as well.

A dog tag necklace is a perfect gift and reminder for the veteran in your life. Again, these can be customized to showcase the service of your loved ones. The dog tags can also be inscribed with things such as a quote or a bible verse. They are unique gifts that can be shaped to represent the important veteran in your life. Dog tags are also something that military personnel is familiar with wearing. This puts a more personal and heartfelt spin on them. It shows that they can always carry the military, and their brothers and sisters, with them wherever they go.

Sometimes a handmade gift can be the most heartfelt. Veterans don’t need much but it’s still nice to show them that they are appreciated. Do not underestimate the power of a card or a handwritten note. Better yet, if you can get a younger generation to make cards, do so. It shows these veterans that everything they sacrificed was not lost. It’s still being remembered and appreciated.

Finally, wallets are practical gifts for anyone. You can always give one of these to a vet and customize it with the logo of the branch of service that they were in. It’s simple yet heartfelt. Overall, giving a gift to a veteran is easy. They will appreciate any gift that a little thought was put into. They’re not expecting big grand gestures. They just appreciate something that shows you cared. A recent article from CNN said that sometimes the best gift is just a simple thank you.