9 Clever Ways to Accessorize Your Outfit for Date Night

Your date night accessories should be stylish and practical. Also, while you want to look attractive, you don’t want to look self-absorbed. Select a few useful, affordable and eye-catching accessories that compliment your outfit’s style and colors.

1- Earrings

Vogue released a selection to the latest 2017 fashions for accessories. Long dangling earrings with geometric shapes are in this year. Mismatched earrings are also in. You can combine two different pairs of earrings and be up to date with the latest style. Be practical though. Don’t choose heavy earrings that will make your ears hurt or even make your head slowly tilt to side of the heavier earring.

2- Sandals and Boots

Colorful sandals, broad straps and even flip-flops made it to the latest runway. This is great news for more active daytime dates at the park or beach. High and embellished boots are also in style for 2017. A pair of stylish black boots can be worn for most evening dates and will match most outfits. If you’re into sewing and crafts, you can jazz up an old pair of boots yourself with studs or leather fringe.

3- Big Bags

Large, almost formless bags appeared on the latest runway. Yes, it’s OK to have a huge purse again. Now you can take the six-pack of soda, a few magazines, your ipad and a spare pair of colorful flip-flops with you and still be in style. If your dates are more fun and playful, you can pack games, snacks, frisbees, whatever you like to do together.

4- Mini Bags

If big bags aren’t your style, small mini-bags are also in. For these sleek little bags, you pack the essentials. You can tie them to your wrist, belt or belt loop for easy carrying. “This is good for outfits that would feel imbalanced with a large bag, or dates with a lot of dancing where a big bag would get in the way,” said Vintage Fringe.

5- Embroidery Patches

Detailed embellishments are in this season. The Huffington Post identifies military-style, pop-culture and nostalgic patches as new fashion trends. You can add your favorite embroidered image to your clothing or accessories and bring them up to date. Not all patches work well with all outfits though. Make sure that you match the color and style of the embroidered patch to the outfit.

6- Glasses

The LA Times reports that glasses with large geometric frames and colorful lenses are in style for 2017. If you love the new big glasses, match it to your best date night outfit. If you want to wear many different colored lenses on different dates, use contacts and a collection of cheaper colorful sunglasses.


Painted nails are in again. Elle magazine shows the latest nail styles, bold colors, metallics and geometric patterns. Take some time to do your nails for date night. Look at your jewelry and outfit and bring out the accent colors. Try shorter-length acrylic nails to get the more elaborate patterns.

8- Necklaces

Vogue featured the latest necklaces for 2017. Long necklaces and pendants that reach to the belly button are in this year. If you want to put a large pendant on a long chain or chord, you easily can. However, think about how you will be moving and if a very long necklace will be in your way. On that note, thin chokers are also in, just put a smaller pendant on a much shorter cord.

9- Fantasy

Sci-Fi and Fantasy have dominated movies and television for years. Now vampire-style crucifixes, futuristic necklaces, gothic-style costume jewelry and fanciful ear-cuffs are stylish accessories. Going completely sci-fi geek or fantasy lover won’t work for every date and outfit, but you can add your favorite fantasy themes in with your accessories.

Accessorizing your outfit for date night should be fun. Look through the latest styles and find what works for you and yours. Choose something comfortable, useful and practical as well as stylish. Accessories should complement the outfit and not be an inconvenience.