7 Ways Vinyl Signage Can Impact Your Business

vinyl-signageVinyl signage is one of the most effective ways to market your brand and build your business. It’s versatile with hundreds of different ways to use it, and it’s relatively cost effective when you compare it to other forms of advertisement. But those aren’t the only ways that this type of advertisement can impact your business. Vinyl signage delivers on all accounts, offering these seven business benefits as well as many others.

Significant Benefits of Advertising with Vinyl:
1. Increase Start-Up Customers
Effective signage is one of the single most effective ways to acquire new customers, particularly if you are a traditional, brick-and-mortar company. Passersby and other foot traffic has no idea of who you are or where you are located without advertising. Adding and/or changing a sign can significantly impact the growth of your customer pool.

2. Boost Sales Revenue
Just as new signs can increase your customers, this strategy can also boost your overall sales revenue. New customers are more willing to do business with a company that has a sleek, professional look and well-established brand. Vinyl signage is one of the most effective way to achieve that level of professionalism, which results in new customers and ultimately more sales.

3. Increase Your Advertising Footprint
One of the most effective ways to increase your business profile is to be omnipresent – everywhere all the time. Vinyl signage can help you accomplish this. It’s easy to extend your advertising campaign to include a variety of different locations, including mega shopping malls, convenience stores, warehouse stores, gas stations, and even family restaurants when you have an attractive vinyl sign template that can relatively inexpensively be placed in a number of different locations.

4. Improve Brand Presence
In addition to being omnipresent as a new business, you also need to have a clear, easily recognizable brand. Vinyl signs are an important component of this brand development strategy. H&H Sign Supply said, “You can customize your vinyl to include your logo, established business colors, motto and more so that in an instant, potential customers get a good picture of what it is that your business stands for and does just from a single sign.”

5. Reduce Advertising Costs
Compared to other advertising techniques, vinyl signage is extremely cost effective. In fact, the relative cost of one 1 custom sign at your place of business is roughly $0.02 for every thousand views. For comparison, 300 lines in a local newspaper costs approximately $2.83. By investing more of your current advertising budget in signage versus other options, you’ll get a bigger benefit for a much lower cost.

6. Increase Client Knowledge
Another important purpose that effective signage serves is to inform your potential clients precisely what you have to offer. For example, if your company name is “Parties R Us,” a customer would likely infer that your business rents out party supplies and provides other services for event-planning. However, by listing your services specifically on your sign, you take the guesswork out of figuring out your business for your client, which will result in more new customers.

7. Improve Customer Experience
Vinyl signage can also be used to improve your customers’ experience. For example, vinyl signs that are used as directional advertising to help your customers quickly locate what they are looking for will ensure that they have a more enjoyable shopping experience. This practice of using signs to guide your customers may even encourage them to explore other items and components of your business.

Ways Your Business Can Use Vinyl Signage
An effective vinyl marketing campaign is an important component of your business model. To leverage all of the benefits of vinyl, you should take care of the many different options available.

Exterior Advertising – Vinyl decals are perfect for advertising outdoors, which can be a great way to capitalize on foot and/or vehicle traffic.
Directional Advertising – Guiding your customers throughout their business experience is another important way to use vinyl. This enhances the customer experience and reduces confusion within your business.
Mobile Advertising – Using vinyl to advertise on company vehicles is another way to maximize your business exposure. Vinyl decals can be adhered to company trucks, golf carts, and a number of other vehicles.

Vinyl signage offers a number of different benefits to your business. Not only is this type of advertising extremely versatile, but it’s also cost effective. So if you’re looking for a new way to increase your customer base and expand sales, you may want to consider vinyl signs.