3 Things to Know Before Shipping a Car

Did you recently purchase a vehicle and need to have it shipped? If so, there are a number of things you need to consider before sealing the deal. Your car is a big expense. Sadly, there are a number of scammers out there who will be more than happy to rip you off. You also want a reputable car transport company who will take care of you vehicle just like they would take care of their own. Narrow your choices down and do some research. Find out everything you need to know and read reviews. Most people will give an honest assessment of their experience with a company. Once you have found the company, there are other things you should do to ensure your car arrives in good order.


Open vs. Enclosed Transportation

When you have your car transported, will you use an open or closed trailer? This can be a bit risky. Open trailers are the cheapest way to go, but there is also a higher chance of your vehicle being damaged. An exposed vehicle can be hit by rocks or even things flying off other vehicles. Open transported vehicles are also susceptible to theft. Weather is another consideration. There are reports of open transported vehicles being damaged by ice, hail and even lightening. The wind can also jostle the vehicle around causing it bang against railings. Enclosed vehicles have another level of security. Inside a trailer, the vehicle is not exposed to weather or any other factor that can cause damage. Additionally, closed transport use straps and wheel nuts to keep the vehicle more secure. So, if you want to guarantee the safety of your vehicle, use a company that has closed trailer transportation.


When to Pay

Secondly, always be aware if a transportation company asks for a deposit. No reputable company will ask you for a dime up front. Money is usually claimed after the vehicle arrives to its destination. You will have time to inspect your vehicle for damage and ask questions if you need. If your car is damaged upon arrival, you have the option to refuse the vehicle until the issue is resolved. A company that asks for money up front is likely a fraudulent company that you will never hear from again after you put down that deposit. This is another reason why all companies should be thoroughly checked before you do business with them. Don’t let yourself get scammed.


Be Aware of Who Will Actually Handle the Vehicle

Transport brokers are something else that should be avoided. Many people don’t understand that brokers bid on transporting your vehicle. So you don’t know who is carrying your car. Many of these people deal with transporters who have drivers who lack experience in transporting cars and dealing with the public. This can be a massive headache when you go to pick up your car and it has sustained damage — or it might not even be your car. Also, many there are times when the driver doesn’t even have the proper tools on the truck to ensure your vehicle will arrive free of damage. All vehicle transport trucks should have drip pans, car covers, mats and hydraulic lift gates. So, if you find out you are dealing with a transport broker, run away as quickly as possible.

Remember, your car is worth a lot of money. It is the second biggest expense you may have outside of your home. You should protect it as such. If you need a transport company, your due diligence will determine whether or not your car arrives on time, at the correct destination and in tact. Find a reputable company with a reasonable price and you have little to worry about.