7 Frugal Ways to purchase new Office Supplies

office-suppliesStarting up a business is expensive enough, but the cost of office supplies can drive up costs. Even small products, such as staplers, pens, notebooks and sticky notes, can become expensive when they need to be purchased for multiple employees. With the costs of taxes, rent and business licenses, new business owners especially need to find ways to save money on costs such as office supplies. If they put forth some effort and are creative, they can find cost-effective supplies that will work for their offices.

Back To School Supplies

Many stores offer supplies such as notebooks, pens, staplers and markers at discounted prices in July and August as part of back-to-school promotions. If business owners plan ahead, they can find good deals on supplies during this time. Bindertek said, “Before purchasing anything, they should compare prices to find the best deals for the quality products.” While they want to be thrifty, they also need office supplies that will hold up to everyday use.

Store Promotions

Business owners can often find discounted office products online at different parts of the years, if they are aware of the sales. By signing up for email updates from office supply and basic retail stores, they can stay updated on promotions offered throughout the year. They may also be able to find promo codes or online coupons that allow them to get a certain percentage off of their purchases or free shipping. Business owners should be careful of additional charges such as shipping and processing fees, when making purchases online.

Secondhand Shops

It may seem like a strange idea at first, but secondhand stores can be a good resource for office furniture and supplies. Business owners may have to look around at a few secondhand stores to find what they need, but they may find almost new or gently-used supplies that work. Before purchasing anything at secondhand stores, they should thoroughly examine the products for any defects or damage.

Bulk Products

Purchasing bulk office supplies from a wholesale or retail store can save businesses money in the long term. Supplies packaged in bulk often cost less per item than if they were bought individually. As with anything, business owners want to make sure that they are purchasing quality items when buying in bulk and should be careful of any hidden fees.

Green Supplies

Business owners can often save money in the long run by going green. This means not only running a paperless office but purchasing supplies that are energy-efficient. By using biodegradable cleaning products, bringing in plants that help to remove pollutants from the air and purchasing energy-efficient light bulbs, business owners can save money in the long run and help the Earth.

Items from Home

Not all office supplies have to be purchased. New business owners can bring in items such as chairs, desks and office supplies from their own homes for themselves and their workers. Employees sometimes prefer to bring in certain supplies, such as staplers or mouse pads, from home, but business owners shouldn’t just expect this from their workers. Supplies that need to replaced, such as sticky notes, pens and notebooks, should usually be supplied by companies.

Gradual Purchases

New business owners often find that their needs change over time, especially as they grow. When they start out, they may only want to purchase essential office items, such as calculators, pens, notebooks, computers and staples. If they make a plan, they can buy items for their office over time. This will avoid high costs during the beginning stages. Business owners and managers may want to get their employees’ input when deciding on which supplies to purchase when they first start out and as they grow. Whether making purchases online, from a wholesaler or at a retail storefront, business owners should track their office supply costs and keep a record of all paper and online receipts.

Saving on office supplies can ensure that business owners keep their costs down, especially when they are first starting out. This can allow them to spend more money on other essential expenses, such as marketing and advertising. When purchasing any supplies, whether at a storefront or online store, office managers and owners should think about whether their employees need these products to complete everyday tasks.