8 Key Areas to Check When Renting a Lakeside Cottage

There is nothing better than a lakeside cottage. The pristine waters and tranquil feeling bring about peace and calm. However, before heading out on your next great adventure, you need to make sure that you check some things out. Not all cabins will work for all families. Here are eight things you need to know before you book that next lakeside vacation.

1. How Many Will The Cabin Sleep/Sleeping Arrangements? 

The first and most important things about the cabin are how many people it will sleep. All lodging must have a maximum occupancy according to fire codes. You want to make sure that you have plenty of space. While you’re on the subject of sleeping, many cottages don’t provide linens. If you must bring your own linens, then you need to find out up front.

2. Is There A Kitchen In The Cabin or Just A Microwave and Refrigerator?

You can save a great deal of money on vacation if you have a kitchen to cook in. Even if the cabin only has a refrigerator and microwave, this can still be a great way to save. Try booking a spot that has a place for cold drinks and some food. Even if you have to pay more for this cabin, it will save you in the long run.

3. Can You Have A Fish Fry or Is It Catch and Release?

Most people head to the lake to do some fishing. You must find out if the lake is catch and release or if you can take the fish. Some people think it is crazy to fish and not be able to take the fish with you. Catch and release is becoming ever popular in campgrounds and resorts these days. You need to know before you go.

4. Do they Have Any Water Activities?

A cottage by a lake is amazing. Does the resort have any water activities? Do they rent boats or kayaks and or can you bring your own? Is there a boat dock for easily getting in and out of the water? Find out because if you plan on being on the water, you need to know.

5. Is The Cabin Secluded Or Surrounded By Neighbors?

Do you prefer isolation? Find out how close the other cabins are to yours. You may long for the peace and tranquility of being alone. However, if there are 50 other cabins next to you, you may not get that peace and quiet.

6. Do They Allow Pets?

Do you travel with your pets? Did you know that if you have a service or therapy dog, they cannot refuse you a cabin? Even if it is a no pet policy, service dogs don’t count. While they are not allowed to ask you about your disability, they can ask you what the dog does for you. They also cannot charge a nightly fee for a service animal. See if the resort is pet-friendly.

7. Do They Have WIFI and Cable?

When you get out into some of the more remote areas, WIFI and cable are not always available. Some people will absolutely die without the modern conveniences of today, no matter where they are. Find out if WIFI and cable or satellite television are included. If they charge for WIFI, find out the costs.

8. Rules For The Cottage

According to Cedar Lakes Estate, the rules for the camping or cottage areas very greatly among the resorts. Find out what specific guidelines they have. One resort requires everyone to be in their cabins by 11 pm. Even if you are being quiet, they want everyone to be off the grounds and inside. The more cottages that there are by the lake, the more rules they are going to have.

Searching for a great place to have some downtime can be an adventure. There are so many things to consider that you may forget. Additionally, if you smoke, many people don’t allow smoking indoors anymore. Find out all these rules and regulations before you go. Once you see all the extra charges and other demands the resort has, it may not be such a good deal after all.