5 Reasons to Have Dental Handpieces Repaired versus Replaced


Dental handpieces or dental drills are high speed drills that are used in cleaning and shaping root canals. They are also used to remove decays and to shape a tooth to a proper form. This procedure is a bit painful depending on the condition of the patient and how a dentist reacts to it.

If you’re a dentist, you’re probably concern about the how long you should be using your dental handpieces. You don’t have to replace them frequently especially if they only need repairs and simple maintenance. Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t replace your dental handpieces immediately:

  1. Dental Handpieces Can Be Properly Maintained

Although dental handpieces are subjected to dirt and bacteria over the course of prolonged use, there is not much to worry about it because there are ways to sterilize them. Sterilization may be applied right after cleaning them. In order to clean a handpiece, let it run for at least 20 seconds.

This process will then remove and clear all debris. Afterward, remove excess lubricant from the outside of the handpiece with a clean towel. Don’t forget to clean the chuck, too. Just place few drops of lubricants once a week. Maintaining your dental handpieces this way will encourage you not to replace them instead.

According to National Institutes of Health, “All models evaluated can be expected to perform for at least 500 clinical use/sterilizations, or approximately one year, if properly maintained.”

  1. Most Types of Damages Can Be Repaired

You may think that when your dental handpiece stops working it could be a sign to immediately replace it. However, it is a wrong decision to do so. Almost every problem that can be encountered in the process of using a handpiece has a corresponding fix.

Nowadays, there are a lot of repair service providers that can fix any type of damage in your dental handpiece. They can reduce noise and vibration, or increase its durability. Whatever the problem you come across, just don’t resort to replacement. Find someone to fix it first.

  1. Parts Are Available

If in case your dental handpiece needs repairing, there are probably two things that should be considered. It could be something just needs to be configured. Otherwise, there is a need to replace some parts. Even so, this must not alert you so much.

When it comes to parts, there are a lot to be found in the market today. If not, you can directly purchase from the manufacturer of your dental handpiece to ensure that all your parts are compatible with the model you have. Nevertheless, you can ask the store where you have purchased your dental handpiece.

  1. Price

Dental handpieces are not cheap. They are not even made to become disposable. They are designed to be used and maintained for long. Therefore, it is simply not practical to immediately replace your dental handpiece just because it is broken.

“Even if you spend money hiring a service provider and buying some new parts, it won’t match the amount that may cost you if you keep on buying new dental handpiece,” said Williams & Company. Remember that you are in business and your tools are your capital, too.

  1. You Are Already Used to It

After a long while of using the same dental handpiece, you have already developed certain skills in handling such a particular handpiece. You have already become an expert of using it. If you are going to replace it, this will surely be a bigger adjustment for you once again because there is no guaranty that you can still get the same exact model.

Dental handpieces can be used longer if properly maintained. When a piece is damaged it can be quickly repaired if you have the right parts at a much cheaper price than if you would buy it new.