9 Reasons to Use Synthetic Oil in Your Vehicles

Has your mechanic recommended the use synthetic motor oil? If so, it’s for a good reason. But, what’s the difference?

You need to understand what the engine oil does. It offers a film that coats the internal engine parts allowing them to slide past one another easily without causing undue friction. When the engine parts slide on the oil film, they are saved from tear and wear and its movement becomes less restricted.

The standard conventional oil contains refined crude oil which is taken from the ground. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, is a product of chemical alteration and a lot of refining. Professional mechanics can confirm that synthetic oil is the best. This article will explore nine reasons why you need to pick synthetic oil over conventional oil the next time you need an oil change.

1- It offers superior lubrication.

Molecules which make up synthetic oil flow freely and are perfectly round. While conventional oil molecules are still round, they don’t move smoothly like the synthetic oil ones. Due to the free movement, synthetic oil flows better, and is more efficient in lubricating the components of the engine.

2- It helps beat the heat.

The next reason why synthetic oil beats the conventional oil is its capability to withstand heat. Most oils often suffer from thermal breakdown and this happens when they are exposed to high heat conditions. However, synthetic oil performs better and it’s capable of resisting heat.

3- It keeps the engine clean.

Conventional oil can’t be broken down beyond the sludge that forms when it’s used. However, synthetic oil burns cleaner. It is capable of resisting sludgy deposits that are commonly seen with conventional oils. For instance, the synthetic oil known as Pennzoil Ultra Platinum can keep the pistons 65% cleaner compared to the standard conventional oil and over 25% cleaner than Valvoline SynPower or Mobil 1.

4- It’s more durable.

Since it’s engineered in labs, synthetic oils have properties that enhance its durability. It can cycle through your engine more times compared to conventional oil. This means it can keep the engine parts more protected. Even if synthetic oil is subjected to high-stress conditions, it can take more of the beating allowing it to last longer.

5- It’s thinner.

Because synthetic oil is thinner compared to conventional oil, it minimizes the engine’s work. This means your engine will not get worn out easily and will have a longer lifespan. Furthermore, during the winter your engine will be able to run efficiently. Because oil thickens during the winter, the synthetic oil thinness will help it work less making it easier to start your engine even on a cold morning.

6- It’s suitable for old cars.

Synthetic oil is capable of restoring and revitalizing the engine of an old car. Due to its quality high mileage, this oil helps revive seals and gaskets in an engine, prevents future leaks, and slows down existing leaks. It provides better protection for the components of an engine, an essential trait for an aging car.

7- It’s ideal for high-mileage drivers.

Any high-mileage motorist who drives over 15,000 miles every year should use synthetic oil. This oil offers better protection to the engine and minimizes your trips to an auto shop. It’s recommended that conventional oil be replaced after every 3,000 miles. If you drive approximately 30,000 miles a year, you will need to visit the auto shop ten times to change your oil. Synthetic oils can last up to 7,500 –10,000 miles, meaning fewer trips and a lower overall cost. This leads us to the next point.

8- It saves you money.

In case you cannot change your own oil, you have to spend money to hire someone to do it on your behalf. This means paying for the engine oil and extra labor charges. If you use conventional oil, you will spend more each time you have to change the oil. However, with synthetic oil, you will spend much less on labor and the oil.

9- It helps your vehicle to last longer.

As mentioned earlier, synthetic oil helps protect engine parts. Its viscosity is better and flows effectively regardless of the temperature. Overall, it provides a higher performance, especially with the more expensive vehicles. For your car to last long, consider investing in synthetic motor oil because, in the long run, it will boost your vehicle’s lifespan.