5 Low-Cost Ways to Throw a Party Using 3D Glasses


3D movies are becoming more popular than ever. With famous movies like AvatarHow to Train Your Dragon, and Toy Story 3, 3D movies are selling better than ever. However, you may find yourself wondering what to do with your 3D glasses once the fun is over.

You could always invite your friends over for a 3D movie viewing, but why not invite them over for a party instead? A party using 3D glasses would be unique, fun, and affordable. Consider these 5 fun party ideas so that you and your friends can all reuse your 3D glasses over and over again.

1. A Costume Party
Numerous costumes can be created or completed with a good set of 3D glasses. The Doctor from Doctor Who famously wore a pair, but they would also look great on mad scientists, characters from the 80’s, or any comic book character for a fun twist. Think of this party like the Iron Chef of costume parties – everyone has to make a great costume, but with the shared secret “ingredient” of 3D glasses. A prize could even go to the person with the best costume.

2. 3D Art Party
3D glasses can be used for more than just watching movies – still images can be enjoyed in 3D too. Invite guests to find 3D images beforehand and then bring them to the party. The images could be put together into a larger project such as a collage or a scrapbook, and everyone can vote on their favorites for a small prize.

Furthermore, guests can draw their own 3D art! It can be tricky to do, but all you need is some paper, colored drawing utensils (such as pencils or markers), and an easy tutorial such as this one. Plus, if you get the hang of it, you could go the extra mile and even attempt a flip book.

3. 3D Science Party
This one is great for kids and adults alike. Throw a fun and educational party demonstrating the science behind 3D technology. Activities can include viewing 3D movies and images, reading articles and watching videos on how 3D technology works, such as this one from the Journal of Young Investigators, and most importantly, participating in activities to demonstrate 3D technology, such as these from MIT’s Scratch project, or these from Science in School.

4. Rainbow Party
“By adding some colored lights, wearing colorful clothing, and decorating with colorful streamers and balloons, 3D glasses would make a great addition to a multicolored gathering,” said American Paper Optics. Guests can enjoy rainbow-colored treats, and they can win prizes for their clothing, such as wearing the most colors, or wearing the best colors to see in 3D glasses. Furthermore, if guests are wearing paper 3D glasses, they can draw colorful creations on them to add to the flair of the event.

Similarly, you could throw a Red vs. Blue party based off of the lenses of 3D glasses. Each guest can be assigned a color beforehand, which will become their team. Then, everyone can dress according to their team and play spirited team party games, such as charades featuring everyone’s favorite 3D movies.

5. Party of the Future
Since 3D movies are so popular these days, have guests imagine a world where everyone in the future wears 3D glasses all of the time. What else do people in the future do? This party can explore all of the options with games, costumes, futuristic foods, or other activities that you and all of your innovative friends can think of.

As you can see, there’s no need to worry about how you’ll ever use those 3D glasses again. With these fun party ideas, you, your family, and your friends will be using them time and time again.