5 Great Party Ideas for Summer

Nothing says summer like a good BBQ by the pool. But that is exactly what it says; there is nothing new and nothing different about a classic BBQ and pool party. Classics can be good, but different and change can be better too. Even more so, these can be hard to pull off if there is no access to a pool or a grill for that matter. There can be better ideas to get a fun gathering going before the break and vacations are over.

1- Halfway Christmas Party

The halfway Christmas party is for those that never want lose their Christmas spirit. Ideas such as ugly Christmas tank top, frozen hot chocolates are just the sort of cooler ideas that anyone can do during the summer to be ready for the Christmas holiday. Cookie decorating, white elephant gift exchange and even Christmas music in the background can get everyone ready for a festive holiday spirit even during the warm and hot summer months.

2- Olympics

For the adults, remembering field day from long ago in elementary school is a great way to incorporate the favorite school day with a modern day party. Three-legged race, water balloon toss, egg race, tug of war, sack race and even a capture the flag tournament can be everything that a bunch of responsible and yet childish adults will want and need. Don’t be afraid to take the party on a field trip to an activity venue such as a trampoline park or obstacle course.

3- Brunch

There is nothing quite like a good brunch. Mimosas, sangria, poached eggs, salmon and a great social setting are all that it takes for a fun light summer afternoon. Make any cocktails ahead of time in easy seal-able containers or better yet, make them into popsicles. Have a giant game of Jenga and corn hole going for those that need some sport. If someone needs a caffeine boost, instead of hot coffee, a frozen coffee popsicle is a vastly better idea for that afternoon fix.

4- Camping Indoors

Some people really do enjoy and love camping. The s’mores, fire, hot dogs and relaxing. Bring the outdoor campsite indoors. Have s’more cookies, pretzel hot dogs and bug juice for refreshments. Tell horror stories, play charades and just enjoy the fun without all of the bugs or dirt. If a fire is needed or wanted, just have one being shown through the TV. There is nothing wrong with people bringing sleeping bags if anyone needs to slumber the night away as well.

5- Wine Tasting Party

Another type of party for adults only is for wine lovers but not necessarily those who could be a sommelier. This can be a fantastic social setting since it gets people to talk to one another that may not be as well acquainted or just shy. Either have everyone bring a bottle or provide enough for everyone to sample. Have the labels covered and marked so that everyone can rate the wines. Once all the wine has been tasted, tally the scores for the wine and announce which bottle was rated the best. Food does not have to be complicated, cheese, fruit and crackers are considerable enough.

Countless themes and styles of parties for the summer can be attained with just a little bit of imagination and thinking outside of the box. Adventuring and creativity are the name of the new types of summer parties to throw before the heat and long days are gone.