4 Ways to Reward Employees Every Month

Many employees strive to contribute their best to the company they work for. It can be hectic to run or manage a company, but it’s worth taking time to let your employees know that their efforts are recognized and appreciated. Doing so can help to boost morale and increase productivity—people will achieve more and feel better about their work if they are rewarded for their efforts. Below are four good ways to express appreciation for your employees’ good work.

1. Host a monthly lunch event.

Sharing food has long been recognized as an important social custom that strengthens cooperative bonds and creates a sense of community. As such, hosting a company-paid lunch each month can serve as an encouraging way to express appreciation for everyone’s diligence. This company lunch can provide an opportunity for employees to enjoy one another’s company in a more laid-back setting, thus encouraging work friendships and camaraderie. This will encourage more enthusiastic teamwork and demonstrate equal appreciation for each employee. Purchasing lunch for employees lets them know that they are valued as people within the company, and that their employer cares about their well-being. Trying out a monthly company lunch will prove to be rewarding for employers and employees alike—going the extra mile and sharing a meal will unify and reward the whole team.

2. Give out awards for Employee of the Month.

Organizations everywhere realize the importance of handing out awards in observation of exceptional behavior. Providing a monthly trophy or award for outstanding performance gives employees something that they can set on their desk and see each day as a reminder that their efforts do not go unappreciated. This tangible reminder of their employer’s gratitude can do wonders to provide encouragement during difficult projects, and let an employee know that they will receive acknowledgement in return for their best work. Reserving a trophy for the employee of the month will keep up a sense of friendly competition and give employees something to strive for. If you’re curious about what kinds of awards are available for customization, there’s a great selection available for viewing here.

3. Celebrate Employee Birthdays

Adding a personal touch to the tradition of sharing food demonstrates individual appreciation for each member of the company team. Around the middle of each month, try providing a cake that features the name of each employee who has a birthday that month. Cutting cake after lunch that day or taking an afternoon break to celebrate will certainly give people something fun to look forward to. This gesture will show each employee that they are recognized and valued as individuals who matter within the team. Giving each employee a small, personalized birthday gift can demonstrate an added level of attention and consideration. For an extra morale boost, go around the table and have each other employee say something they like or appreciate about the birthday stars of the month. This group expression of encouragement will provide a great opportunity for your employees to celebrate their successes together.

4. Write Monthly Thank-You Letters or Emails.

If social activities like lunch gatherings or birthday parties do not jive with the people in your workplace, private recognition may be the way to go. Expressing genuine gratitude in the form of a personalized thank-you letter demonstrates individualized appreciation and attention to details. This will show your employees that you notice the good work that they do—including the little things that add up to create a great work environment. Personalized feedback is exceptionally important when it comes to helping employees feel valued and relevant as members of a team, which inspires them to achieve further, as detailed here.

A monthly feedback report or performance evaluation in the form of a thank-you that acknowledges their best work can do wonders to boost confidence and keep motivation up. A thank-you email is also a great medium through which to let your employees know what they’re best at. This will provide them with feedback of the most encouraging type, and let them know that their personal efforts are not going unnoticed.