How to Pick the Perfect Floral Arrangement for Every Occasion

Flowers are a perfect gift for any occasion. One of the most delightful things about flowers is that there is a floral arrangement suitable for every event and celebration. It is important to know what flowers signify and the arrangements that are right for the moment. If you love flowers, it makes sense to learn how to pick out the right arrangements. Use the following guide to pick the perfect floral arrangement for every occasion.

Anniversary Flowers

Each anniversary has a specific flower that is tied to it. The five-year anniversary flower is the daisy and the 10-year flower is the daffodil. The 15-year anniversary flower is the rose, which is an appropriate flower to give for every anniversary as it symbolizes love. Other big anniversary flowers include the aster for the 20-year anniversary, iris for the 25-year and lily for the 30-year. You should avoid giving yellow flowers for an anniversary as they symbolize friendship rather than love.

Birthday Flowers

Most people know that each month has a gemstone tied to it, but many people don’t realize that each month is represented by a flower as well. January is carnations, September is asters and December is poinsettias. It is a good idea to give someone a bouquet that is includes the flower that represents their birth month. Roses are appropriate if it is for a significant other. For friends, yellow flowers other than daffodils are appropriate in birthday bouquets as yellow is the color of friendship. It is going that extra mile that turns the gift of flowers into a priceless gesture full of thought and love.

A Bouquet for Patients

When someone you care about is ill, one of the best ways to lift their spirits is to give them some beautiful flowers. If the person who is ill is in the hospital, avoid giving flowers that are highly fragrant. Instead, fill a bouquet with flowers that are not very fragrant like tulips, irises and gladioli. If the patient is at home, giving them a bouquet full of marigolds is thoughtful since they represent resilience. According to Peters Flowers, giving someone who is sick at home a houseplant is also appropriate as green is the color of health and well-being.

Flowers for the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the most popular times of year to give flowers. The red poinsettia is the flower for the month of December. Amaryllis and paperwhites are also given during the holidays as they are associated with good fortune, which is appropriate as the calendar turns over to a new year.

Mother’s Day

Forgetting to give your mother flowers on Mother’s Day is a major mistake. Giving your mom flowers shows her how grateful you are for everything she has done for you. Pink carnations are nice in a Mother’s Day bouquet as they symbolize gratitude and love. Red carnations go well with them as they symbolize admiration. Beyond that, just make sure that you fill it with all the flowers your mom loves best.

Sympathy Flowers

These are not the flowers you send to a funeral. Rather, sympathy flowers are sent to the homes of the grieving to show your concern over their loss. Daisies and lilies are good selections for sympathy flowers. Pink roses can be appropriate as well. Please respect the wishes of the grieving if they ask for flowers not to be sent. Also, keep in mind that sending flowers to the bereaved if they are Jewish is not usually appropriate.

Thank You

When you are thanking someone, the first step in picking out the right bouquet is filling it with the person’s favorite flowers and colors. Beyond that, daisies, carnations and lilies are all appropriate flowers for gratitude bouquets.

Valentine’s Day

Giving flowers to your significant other on Valentine’s Day is a man’s duty. Forgetting to do this is a great way to spend a few nights on the couch. To avoid this, make sure you always give the right flowers for Valentine’s Day. Red roses always work. If your significant other does not like roses, the tulip is another flower that signifies love.

As you can see, there is a flower for every occasion. Make sure that you always pick out the right flowers for your arrangements. Avoid sending the wrong message by always picking the appropriate flower for the occasion.