4 Qualities to Look for in an Event DJ

You are about to hire a DJ for an extra special event and may not quite know how to begin your search for the very best professional. Qualities of an exceptional DJ that you would consider may include the following:

Reasonable Pricing

Most individuals and groups who are planning an event have some type of budget where a specific amount of funds is allocated for entertainment and/or music. Determine what the amount that you can spend is before you begin your search. Leave yourself some funds to spare in case the cost is higher than you expect. It may mean that you must get two or three bids from available DJs before you get the pricing you want or need. The DJ should have a contract to offer you – read it thoroughly, double check the date and time, and pay a deposit if necessary.

A Professional Set-Up

You want a DJ who will have a professional appearance and set-up. The last thing you want to see is a plain table with cords and wires hanging from it or a set-up with old and decrepit equipment. Ask for a photo of how his set-up will look at your event. Check to see if he will need any extra equipment such as a stage, a table, or a linen with skirting to cover his own table. Inquire as to the amount of time he will need to set up his equipment.

It may sound silly, but you should even ask what he is going to wear the night of the event. You don’t want a fantastic setup with a DJ in ragged jeans and a tee shirt operating the equipment. If it is a wedding or a very formal event, you are well within your rights to ask him to wear a suit or even a tuxedo if he has one.

Extra Activities

The very best DJs provide extra services such as announcing a bridal couple and their bridal party, letting guests know of other events during the evening, and even giving the last call for alcoholic beverages. Many will provide props and gimmicks to make the evening more interesting and appealing. Ask DJs that you are considering about extra games and fun line dances that he can supervise.

Some DJs have special lighting, unique dancefloors, foggers, and video screens that can enhance the dance experience. There will probably be an extra charge for each additional element, so it is an optional addition to your contract.


Before signing a contract, check with the DJ you have selected as to how comfortable he was with change. The type of music played, the time or length of the party, or even the location of the event could possibly be altered. You need to be assured that this person will work with you on these variations.

Another great question to ask is whether or not they have a backup system in case something goes wrong with his equipment. The last thing you want is to have the party ruined because no music is available. Also, inquire how he feels about song requests – you may have your own list of chosen music, but may also want your guests to have other options.

Finding that perfect DJ does not have to be a huge undertaking. Following the above tips and suggestions will have you well on your way to a night of music and dancing with your guests and/or family members. You will be creating memories of a special time whether it be a birthday, anniversary, retirement party, or a wedding.