9 Photo Booth Ideas for your Wedding Reception

When it comes to your big day, having a photo booth set up for yourself and your guests can be a wonderful way to entertain your guests. Being able to record and photograph those precious moments can really brighten up a reception. Here are a few ideas to set up a photo booth for your reception.

1- Create An Over Sized Frame

Much like the borders of an instant photo, the oversized frame is a quirky idea for those who do not have much space at the reception. The frame can be held by all those who want to be included in the picture and is portable. You also have the option of captioning it however you please and designing the frame to a style that you see fit. The frame can also be made easily and cheaply.

2- Solid Wall Backdrop

Along the do-it-yourself vein, you can also make a fold-able solid wall backdrop where you and your guests can stand in front of. The ability to fold it makes it easy to transport. You can decorate as you see fit. Many people enjoy putting flowers, quotes, aspects of nature or even a solid wall backdrop made out of chalkboard so you can draw in what you want.

3- Photo Booth Vehicle

The vehicle photo booth requires using an old fashioned vehicle as the backdrop or even the booth for where your photos take place. The popular option is having a Volkswagen bus open to your guests to hop in and take photos inside. There is also the option of setting the scene and having guests take photos outside of the vehicle and use it as a kind of background prop.

4- Hanging From The Trees

If you have an outdoor wedding, you can try hanging decorations from low hanging trees. Streamers, frames, mobiles and other things can be tied to low hanging branches where guests can stand in front of to have their photos taken.

5- The Furnished Room

This simple photo booth idea can be achieved indoors by assembling some furniture in front of a bare wall. You can put together some nice looking sofas or chairs in front of a brick wall backdrop to give the photo booth a more modern and homely feel to it.

6- Bring In The Props

Wherever the photos are taken, you can always put in some props to lighten things up. You can make your own props or bring them in from somewhere else. Props can also match the theme of your wedding, not to mention also be easily carried wherever you are planning to take these photos at during your reception.

7- Flowers

Much like the hanging trees, you can use natural flowers as a backdrop for a photo booth. Since there might already be flowers present at the reception, bring them into the photos to make those pictures pop with color and beauty. Arrange them anyway you want.

8- Fabric And Curtains

Keeping it simple can be easy by just hanging some curtains, lace and some lights as the backdrop for this photo booth. The lights help brighten up the photos and the fabric background makes it versatile to switch around with different colors. If you place the lights behind the curtains, it makes a well-lit up patterned backdrop.

9- The Booth

Of course you can also always bring in a booth to take these photos in. An online search can find you a local retailer who can deliver a booth or if you have the time and resources, make your own. You don’t need to be fancy with cameras either; simply having people use their phones or instant photo cameras can be just as easy. And of course you can bring in props, backgrounds or anything you wish into the booth.

There are many ways to bring in a photo booth into your wedding reception. You can use one of these ideas or a combination of them; they leave a lot of room for styles and tastes.