4 Ideas to use for decorating at a Children’s Paint Pottery Party


Painting parties have grown in popularity in the past few years and that even includes children’s birthday parties. For your child’s next paint party, invite some friends over to your house or go to a pottery studio to enjoy a few hours of happy birthday memories. No matter your child’s age, you can host a painting party where you can paint various pottery pieces including plates, picture frames, animal figurines, and more. This will be a wonderful idea if you have pottery painting parties over several years so you can see the progression of your child and the party guests’ art skills. Of course, you will need to decorate for your party, and with a pottery painting party, there are so many options!

1- Use your child’s face in famous paintings.
Take famous paintings like Mona LisaGirl with a Pearl Earring, or American Gothic, and place your child’s face on the painting’s face. This will be funny for children to see, and they can learn about famous paintings in the process. You could even use photo software to change the color hues and create work similar to Andy Warhol. If you have enough paintings, you can use them to make a matching game for the guests to play using names of the paintings and pictures of the paintings.

2- Have portraits placed around the room.
Before the party, have your child draw portraits of themselves and the guests. You can use these for wall decorations or as place cards around the table. You can use paper for the portraits and frame them in simple frames, or you can have the portraits done on canvases. No matter the size or elaborate nature of the portraits, it will be a highlight of the party. It will be sweet for the party guests to see what the birthday child thinks of them, and it will be a keepsake for everyone for years to come. If you are looking for extra party activities, you can have the party guests draw the portraits of themselves.

3- Bring colorful aprons or smocks.
Instead of buying silly trinkets for party favors, give each child an apron or smock, according to They can wear them at the party and then take it home for continued use. You can have the apron or smock monogrammed, or a more budget-friendly option would be to add the party guests’ names on yourself by using paint. If you are looking for extra party activities, you could have the children decorate them at the party. Before the party, have an apron or smock at each chair so the guests know exactly where to sit. During the party, the guests can wear them for protection from the dirt. You can use extra aprons or smocks in the party room to help complete the festive motif.

4- Use food that looks like painting supplies.
Every party has to have great food, and a pottery paint party is no exception. Go to the grocery store to be inspired and think of regular food items that resemble paint supplies. Stick pretzels become paint brushes. Sugar cookies with dots of frosting on top become art trays with paint. Cubed cheese becomes paint sponges. Use different colored juice to resemble the different colors of paint, and it would add an extra dose of cuteness if you could use pottery cups and plates to eat from.

Before your child’s next birthday party, consider hosting a pottery painting party. You can certainly use these wonderful decorating tips to help plan the party of your child’s dreams. By using these simple tips for decorations and games, this will certainly be a party they will not forget. When in doubt, go with pops of color and paintings whether they are pictures of famous paintings or portraits or the party guests. Enjoy your child’s pottery painting party!