8 Simple Reasons to Customize Your Child’s Water Bottle

The color options are virtually limitless too; you have the option of black, blue, green, pink, purple and red, with the possibility to customize the exterior with stickers of your favorite movie star, cartoon character or interesting graffiti. Water bottles are ideal for travel, school events, hiking, biking, and sports, with attractive designs and shapes, such as the screw-off top and flip top that’s easy to use. Refillables are FDA tested, BPA free and ergonomically designed. You can use them for hand washing too.

1. It’s easy and totally affordable to customize

Getting a personalized water bottle doesn’t cost a fortune. It won’t take up your whole day too if you have everything in place. All you need is:

  • Custom stickers
  • A new, aluminum case water bottle
  • Scissors
  • Creativity

If you’ve been thinking this through, and you have assembled the few materials to get started, then all you’ll need is a little creativity. Assorted stickers of every kind are readily in your local store. It’s important too if your kids are around unless of course, it’s a surprise.

2. It’ll encourage them to hydrate during hot afternoons

Nothing refreshes your body better than a cold glass of water on a hot afternoon. Water is great for digestion, cool down the body temperatures or even help keep the flu in check. A custom water bottle is the best utility to carry around to rehydrate after sports while running your errands during weekends or even when they are gaming indoors.

3. Helps avoid temptation to go for soda pop

On average, the usual 12-once soda contains around 150 calories; and that’s just one bottle. The Harvard School of Public Health’s research finds that consuming sweetened beverages makes you crave for high-carbohydrate foods or other sweet stuff. Artificially sweetened beverages could also contribute significantly to weight gain. Customizing your kid’s water bottle will encourage drinking water, which is much healthier than soda. And it will encourage them to get a refill once the bottle is empty.

4. The water bottle is an essential part of their workout gear

Physical activity is appropriate for your kids’ age; during which the muscles develop, the bones strengthen, they increase in weight and height, and they gain stamina. An active child will be sharper mentally, have leaner muscles, improved bone mineral density, get better quality sleep and be more sociable.

As your kids approach teenage, they should spend at least 150 minutes per week doing physical activity, whether biking to the mall or hiking during the weekend just to burn a few calories. The water bottle is an essential part of the workout gear and should be refilled every time before they start their routine workout.

5. It’s cheaper than buying disposable bottles

Disposable water bottles are attractive on the shelves, and even more appealing in commercials; what you don’t know is that you pay for the advertising and manufacturing, which can be 240 to over 10,000 times per gallon the cost of drinking tap water. “A custom water bottle will serve you for a few years without the extra but unnecessary cost,” said VisionUSA Mugs.

6. Show your environmental conservative side

Custom bottles are great, not only because they carry your daily refill but also because they do not pollute the environment as the disposable ones do. Some custom water bottles contain aluminum alloys and eco-friendly plastics; the world could use more of these, as they are easy to reuse, durable, but most importantly, least harmful to the environment.

7. Personalized texts

You don’t have to go the conventional way of putting bold images and character stickers on the water bottle. Custom, heartfelt messages from daddy and mommy will always show the kids that you care for more than just their grades.

8. It’s the best way to express their personality

The best expression of individuality is through self-expression. For adults, it’s through various media such as fashion, the car they drive, the food they eat as well as social media. For your little ones, self-expression is more subtle; it’s the little things that count. Moms can show their love by giving custom gifts, or make them right at home to express their favorite colors, dream adventure destinations, favorite music idols or movie stars. And don’t just stop at the water bottle; take this a notch higher, by giving their bedroom a whole new theme to match their personality.