The Impact Electronic Safety Devices Have on our Lives

It cannot be discounted that modern technology has really impacted our daily lives from the moment we get up from bed to the time we want to hit the sack at night. Nothing in our lives seems to be unaffected by electronics. But one of the most important impacts, as far as prolonging our lives are concerned is the impact modern electronic safety devices have in our lives. Many of these devices are now deployed in many areas of our lives. What you need to be thankful for are the electronic devices that protect your life at home and those that protect your life and limb while you are driving your car or while you’re at work.

Unquestionably, you have been benefited by the use of these electronic safety devices. But there may be hidden disadvantages as well. It all depends on what your approach is and how you use these ESDs. This article will help you acquire the right approach to these devices so that you will only use them for your benefit.

Electronic Safety Devices Help You Avoid Car Accidents

In the street and in our places of work, danger always lurks. Therefore it is very important to be careful and attentive to what you are doing at the moment and to not be pre-occupied. You must have this approach every time that you are driving your car. Thankfully, car manufacturers today have developed a host of electronic safety devices for the car that can help you avoid getting into any form of accident while you driving down the street and especially while driving at higher speeds on the highway.

Some of the modern electronic safety devices in your car include the following:

  • Blind-spot detection
  • Hill assist/side assist
  • Collision warning
  • Rollover mitigation/ prevention
  • Monitoring tire pressure
  • Lane-departure warning
  • Emergency brake assist to mitigate collision
  • Collision mitigation
  • Rearview camera
  • Adaptive cruise control for collision mitigation
  • Dual-stage airbags that are occupant-sensitive
  • Night-vision assist or adaptive headlights

If you have most of these electronic safety devices in your car, you can rest assure that your chances of getting into any kind of accidents has considerably gone down. But in order to take the most advantage of them, you really need to know how to effectively use them. If not, they will just be a waste of your money since it will cost you a lot of money to integrate them in your car.

Electronic Safety Devices That Protects Your Home

Residential fires are the most devastating of all. Statistics from the National Fire Protection Association reveals that approximately 46,500 residential fires occurred in 2010 due to electrical malfunctions or failures. These home fires resulted in property damage that amounted to a total of $1.5 billion, 1.520 injuries, and 420 deaths. Electrocution is also part of the problem, where thousands of adults as well as children were critically injured.

Thankfully, modern technology is catching up and is able to improve the safety features of residential as well as commercial structures. Some of the modern electronic safety devices for the home and office include electronic circuit breakers, arc fault circuit interrupters, fuses, tamper resistant receptacles, and many more. These safety devices prevent fire accidents before they happen. They were found to be very effective that the National Electrical Code for 2008 increased the requirements for TRR and AFCI for new homes to be constructed.

There are also electronic safety devices that protect your home from break-ins and burglaries. Modern technology has already developed door locks that can only be opened by using your thumbprint. Different types of window alarms, door alarms, garage door alarms and a whole slew of security alarms are designed and marketed for all types of consumer budgets. The home is safer now than before because of these modern safety devices.

Do Your Part

Although these safety devices are designed to protect you from accidents, you still have a part to do. You need to be educated about these devices as to how they are used, their capabilities and their maintenance. It is of no use having these devices in your arsenal but you don’t know how to use them. That would defeat the purpose of why they were developed in the first place. In addition, you must not feel complacent because of their presence in your home or in your car. You still need to be careful in driving your car and be very careful about the use of electricity in your home.