How to Improve Your Signal In Rural Areas

If you’re living in a rural area and struggling to get adequate cell phone signal strength, you’re in very good company. Because of the low housing and population densities in rural areas, service providers don’t usually see enough of a user base to make building new cell towers worth their money. Because of this, many people in rural areas struggle to receive good cell signal on a regular basis.

However, there are a number of ways that you can boost your cell phone signal if you’re living in a rural area, ranging from simple tricks to devices that boost your signal. Here’s an in-depth look of some of the options you have for improving your cell phone signal strength.

1. Open a Window

It seems strange that opening your windows could improve your cell signal, but windows and the insulation they often contain can block the signal from the nearest tower. If your cell service is spotty or keeps going out, open a few windows and see if signal blockage was your issue. For best results, you can also try standing in front of one of the windows.

2. Make a Signal Map

Many users of phones from any brand don’t realize that they can actually check the signal strength their phone is receiving at any time. iPhone users can dial this code: *3001#12345#* to see their signal strength at any time, while Android users can check the ‘signal strength indicator’ in their device’s settings. (Simple Tricks to Boost Your Mobile Connection) Using these features, walk around your house and determine the areas with the best and weakest signal. Make note of the areas with the best signal or commit them to memory, and use these rooms when you need to make a call.

3. Increase Your Elevation

While the classic “hold your phone in the air” trick doesn’t make enough of a height difference to matter much, moving to higher ground can actually significantly improve your cell phone signal. The best possible signal would be available when you had an unimpeded line of sight to the nearest cell tower. While reaching those conditions is unrealistic, the higher up you are, the fewer obstacles the signal from the nearest tower will have on its way to reaching your device.

4. Switch Service Providers

This may not be the best first choice since switching may be a hassle and cost you money, but sometimes the problem lies with your provider. Many major service providers have much weaker coverage in rural areas, so it’s very possible that your cell service provider just isn’t a good choice for your location. You can find coverage maps online to help you compare the coverage from different providers in your area.

5. Purchase a Signal Booster

Cell signal boosters, also known as cellular repeaters or amplifiers, is a type of amplifier that boosts your signal strength. They can be placed indoors or outdoors, and they typically feature an antenna that receives and transmits signal from nearby towers, as well as the signal amplifier. (Cellular Repeaters) Because service providers are unlikely to improve coverage in rural areas by building new towers, many households in rural counties make use of a home cellular repeater. Even if your home is very far from the nearest cell tower, a signal booster will usually be able to dramatically improve your signal strength.

By making use of the variety of strategies at your disposal, you can likely boost your cell signal no matter how secluded your home is. Use this advice to find the best spots in your home for signal strength, and if you can afford it, purchasing a cell signal booster is probably well worth the cost.