How to Efficiently Manage a Private Air Charter Company

As today’s business world becomes more and more fast-paced, many executives and their companies are turning to private air charter companies to get from one destination to another. Offering a number of advantages over commercial flights, these companies are taking over many aspects of how business executives and owners travel in an increasingly competitive business world. However, to ensure the air charter companies get and maintain their customers, it’s crucial they be managed as effectively as possible. To learn more about the best ways to efficiently manage a private air charter company, read on to discover some important tips.

Hire the Best Pilots

If you want to be the best private air charter company in the industry, it’s good to start by hiring the best pilots. In many cases, that may involve hiring pilots who may have retired from commercial airlines, or perhaps those who have recently left the military. In either case, being able to show potential clients that you have some of the top pilots in the industry can make a real difference.

Offer Flexible Scheduling to Clients

When clients choose to use a private air charter service, one thing they are eager to have is a flexible schedule that will allow them to get as much work done as possible. By doing so, you’ll be able to also offer flexible scheduling to your employees, which can play a big part in attracting the best talent to your company. Additional details about this can be found here.

Training and Maintenance

To guarantee your clients will be traveling on aircraft that are as safe as possible, make sure your pilots, mechanics, and other personnel are always up-to-date on the latest training sessions offered by the Federal Aviation Administration. This can include attending Jet Aeronautical Flight Training, maintenance training that leads to current FAA certification, and other training sessions.

Great Customer Service

While most people only think of the pilots and mechanics when discussing private air charter companies, having a great customer service team will also make a huge difference in how efficient your company is run on a daily basis. With many companies, staff is available 24/7 to assist customers with any issues that may arise. Whether it’s scheduling a last-minute business flight with a team of top executives or changing a flight time or destination, coming through when a client needs it most will virtually guarantee a satisfied customer that uses your company time after time. For more facts about this, look here.

Safety and Reliability

To run your company efficiently, always make sure safety and reliability are at the top of your list of priorities. By owning and operating your own aircraft, you can ensure you will have complete control over equipment, crews, and maintenance. And because a charter air company is much smaller than a commercial airline, regulations are followed much closer, guaranteeing added levels of safety.

Value Your Customer’s Privacy

Since many of your clients will be top business executives who will be holding high-level meetings while on your plane, it’s imperative that you maintain privacy and confidentiality in these matters. By having policies in place where employees are not allowed to discuss a client’s travel destinations or business dealings, you will be able to avoid any potential conflicts between employees and clients. In addition to this, make it a practice to not sell or share client information, since this will also bring into play potential conflicts of interest.

Offer Additional Services

Along with getting your clients from one place to another on a private plane, offer to take care of other details as well. Whether it’s making hotel arrangements, arranging catering, or other services, being able to help clients with these details can allow you to outpace your competitors and attract new clients.

As private air charter companies continue to play a larger role in business travel, it will be more important than ever to stay ahead of the competition by running an efficient company. Whether it’s having experienced pilots, safe and reliable aircraft, or a customer service staff that is second-to-none, having this and more can result in a company that is extremely efficient.