9 Problems With Trying to Handle a Legal Case By Yourself

Working with a lawyer can be expensive. There’s a good reason, though, that most people don’t handle their legal matters on their own. Below are just eight reasons why you shouldn’t handle your legal case by yourself.

1- You’ve Been Caught Off Guard

There are very few cases in which a typical individual knows that he or she is going to court. Court takes a tremendous amount of preparation, something for which you probably aren’t prepared. You’re going into the whole process off balance, something that doesn’t happen to real attorneys.

2- You Don’t Know the Law

Did you go to law school? Have you spent the last several years learning about the laws of your state? If not, you’re at a severe disadvantage. While you’ve probably got a good sense of right and wrong, you might not have any idea of what the law really says in your situation. There’s absolutely no reason you should represent yourself when you don’t have a good handle on what your legal standing really is.

3- You Don’t Know How Court Works

Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t know much about how court really works. Given that most people see courtroom dramas more often than real courtrooms, most have a very skewed idea of how the legal process works. You probably don’t know much about the paperwork that needs to be filed or the steps that actually lead to going to court. You almost might not know much about how to file a motion or how to present your evidence. Don’t let what you don’t know hurt your case.

4- You Don’t Know How Complicated Your Case Is

The average person doesn’t know enough law to know if his or her case is simple. While you might think that you can handle whatever comes your way, you might be sitting on a legal matter that’s quite complex. When this happens, you’ll be scrambling for an attorney – and it might already be too late.

5- Lawyers Specialize

A good lawyer is a specialist. He or she has spent years learning precisely about the matters that surround your case. While you have your own experience, you certainly don’t know as much about the specifics of the law as him or her. Don’t put yourself into a situation in which others have spent years preparing themselves.

6- You’re Too Close

You probably have a great deal of passion about your legal matter. Unfortunately, this isn’t a positive thing. You need the kind of dispassionate distance that a lawyer can bring to the table. You can’t afford to make the kind of mistakes that come from being emotional. Let someone else think with their head while you use your heart.

7- You Can’t Handle the Loss

Losing is, unfortunately, a real possibility when it comes to the law. If you lose on your own, you’ll have no support. You’ll have no one to guide you as to what comes next. If you’re willing to work with a lawyer, you’ll have someone to help you in a worst case scenario. It’s not something you want to dwell on, but it is still something you should keep in the back of your mind.

8- You Don’t Have the Time

It takes a tremendous amount of time to handle a legal matter. While you might think an attorney is only working when you see him or her, the truth is that most of the work happens outside of the court room. Many attorneys have staffs that help them get through each case. You, on the other hand, would have to do this on your own. Do you have time to drop everything and make your case your life?

9- The Other Side Will Have an Attorney

Even if you think you can do a great job, the truth is that the other side is going to bring an attorney. You might have some skills, but you’ll be matching them against a professional. Don’t take on a fight you can’t win – give yourself the same chance as your opponent.

Don’t try to handle a legal case on your own. Work with an attorney who knows the law and how to handle your case. You might have to pay now, but it’s better than losing your case.