9 Moments your Makeup should be professionally done for

makeupThere are certain times in your life when you should go to a professional to have your makeup done. They’ll give you a polished and stunning look that will make you appear at your best. Makeup done by a professional will highlight your best features while minimizing spots that are not as flattering.

While it might not be the best way to save money on your wedding, there are many pluses to hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day. Often, you’ll have shaky hands and nervous energy. That’s not really conducive to applying eyeliner or mascara. Plus, you can get a deal on providing wedding services to the bridal party too.

You want to look your best on prom night. It’s supposed to be a magical night that you’ve waited on throughout high school. You don’t want to ruin it with a terrible makeup job. While you want drama and a spectacular look, you might overdo it with dramatic eyes along with too much lipstick. A stylist will know exactly what you need to look your best.

The Interview of a Lifetime
Interviews can be vital if you’ve applied for your dream job. You want to look absolutely polished and professional. Your clothes and hair as well as your makeup are an entire package that will make you appear like you have everything together. Too much or too little makeup can ruin your chances for the job of a lifetime.

Once you have a career, whether it’s at a law firm, hospital or newspaper, you’ll need a headshot. “While you could do your own makeup and take a selfie, it won’t look as polished as hiring professionals to perform the work,” said Salon SO AVEDA. This is a photo that will land in many places like your work or social media profiles as well as in the public eye like newspaper articles or brochures depending on your industry.

Glamour Shots
While some photography studios have their own makeup professional on staff, you might want to build a relationship with your own stylist. That person will know exactly how your skin reacts to makeup as well as what will make you look your best on camera. You might even decide to go for an entire makeover with hair and makeup as part of a package before your glamour shoot.

Tutorial Session
If you don’t want to keep heading to the salon each time you have a big event, you might want to make an appointment for a tutorial. Makeup artists will always advise that you hire them for big events, but you can get a toned-down day look from them as well.

Corporate Photos
While you might have a head shot already, there are times when the entire company will want to take professional photos for brochures and company materials. Booking a makeup artist for the day of the photo shoot will ensure that you look impeccable for the photos.

Fashion or Music Photography and Video
Those who are creative might be spending time in front of the camera for photo shoots as well as documentaries or video shoots. You might even be a vlogger who wants to look her best on camera. You’ll be creating a video or a fashion spread that will be seen hundreds of times by those you’re trying to impress.

Documentary Film for Work
There are times when your company might be shooting documentaries for training purposes. This is the time that you’ll want to have your makeup applied by a professional. While you think that blue eyeshadow makes you look cute, they’ll know how to apply your makeup flawlessly, so you’ll stand out, not your makeup choices.

Whether you’re trying to give yourself a dramatic look for your wedding or prom, or you want to look beautiful for work obligations, hiring a professional makeup artist is important. Makeup artists will apply your makeup in a way that will highlight your beauty without drawing attention to the fact that you have makeup on your face.