9 Killer Songs to Jumpstart Your Church’s Worship Time

Church services have evolved in the recent past by adapting to technological advancements that have influenced the lifestyles of most believers. Hence, many denominations have rapidly grown because of the differences related to the mode of worship amongst the spiritual leaders. The styles of worship, therefore, vary considerably from Presbyterian, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Evangelical Protestant, to Oriental Orthodox style. Nevertheless, appropriate creative ways are necessary for a modernized church including songs that are consistent with the worship time. The following nine killer songs will help you jumpstart your church’s worship time and ensure that the congregation remain connected with the spirit of God.

1. “What a Beautiful Name” by Hillsong
“What a Beautiful Name” was written by Brooke Ligertwood and Ben Fielding and sang by Hillsong Worship, an Australian worship and praise group. It is part of the album Let There be Light; the 25th live album recorded the album during the July 2016 conference and released it in October 2016 under Sparrow Records, Capitol Music Group, and Hillsong Music. Notably, “What a Beautiful Name” is a leading song on the album, and its video was released in September 2016. Moreover, the song has melodic structure, and its words beautifully speak to the congregants’ souls, leading them to focus on God.

2. “The Lion and the Lamb” by Leeland Mooring
“The Lion and the Lamb” was written by Brenton Brown, Leeland Mooring, and Brian Johnson. It was released for the first time by Leeland and Bethel Music as part of Have it All album. The message of this song challenges believers to think about their own doubts, and instead, rely on the resurrection of Jesus.

3. “God of Calvary” by Chris Tomlin 
“God of Calvary” was written by Chris Tomlin, an American contemporary gospel artist, songwriter, and worship leader, and released as part of his album Never Lose Sight on October 21, 2016. It gives details to the last hours of Jesus Christ, and it is supported by crescendo building tune. The song is good for all churches especially during Easter since it reminds the Christians about the death of Jesus on Calvary.

4. “Who You Say We Are” by Steve Chapman
“Who You Say We Are” was written by Steve Chapman, a Grammy award winner, and was released in on March 4, 2006 as part of the album Worship and Believe. The song talks about the great love that God has lavished on His children. “It also emphasizes the grace of God, giving thanks to Him for making the believers His sons and daughters,” said Light of Life Church.

5. “No Longer I” by Ian Yates
“No Longer I” from the album Awaken to Love was written by Ian Yates and Sam Blake. It is a praise and worship song released on December 2, 2016. The song makes believers to deny themselves when considering what Jesus has done for them. It makes use of the theological richness of hymnody and is suitable for contemporary worship of God.

6. “God of Miracles” by Chris McClarney 
“God of Miracles” from the album Everything and Nothing Less was released on June 9, 2015. It was written by Chris McLarney, Chad Bohi, and Jordan Frye. The themes of the song are faith, trust, God’s attributes, renewal, and prayer. The believers are directed to call upon the God of miracles for his supernatural love since nothing is impossible with him.

7. “Forever Good” by Paul Wilbur
“Forever Good” was written by Michael Farren, Brian Campbell, and Steve Merkel. It is simple in its lyric melodic structure and content, yet it is faith affirming. The album has the same title as the song and builds on the success of releases such as Jerusalem Arise, The Watchman, and Shalom Jerusalem which have sold more than three million units across the world. “Forever Good” emphasizes the enduring love of God that does not change in any circumstances including dark days, when there is fear, or when troubles are pressing.

8. “See You Again” by Antony Evans
Antony Evans was born in Dallas, Texas. He is a singer, recording artist, worship leader, and songwriter. He was raised in a Christian family and is the son of Dr. Tony Evans, a famous preacher, teacher, and author. Anthony’s song “See You Again” from the album Back to Life leads believers to reveal their desperate need for God to revive them by his Spirit. The album was released in February 2017.

9. “Song of My Heart” by John McMillan
“Song of My Heart” was written by John McMillan and Sarah McMillan. Its themes include God’s attributes, commitment, and dedication. It mentions God as the King of the believer’s heart, the wind inside their sails, and the anchor in the waves. It also refers to him as the shadow for hiding and the ransom for the believer’s life. It is from the album Live at the Knight, the first album by John McMillan that was released on October 23, 2015.

Churches today have state-of-the-art musical instruments to supplement the worship experience. During the service, the congregation can sing as they read words on a screen, thus, simplifying the task of using hymnbooks. It is important, therefore, to keep the congregation active during the church service by using the right songs at a particular time.