8 Unique Benefits of Having a Vacation Timeshare

Vacation timeshares can by be a great way to spend any vacation. Rolling waves, sandy beaches, and the sun shining brightly overhead. No one said taking a break had to be hard. So why make it, when you can have your own spot of paradise every year for a small price. If this sounds appealing to you, let’s give you 8 more ways why having a vacation timeshare this year can benefit you.

1. More Accommodations Than a Hotel

Let’s talk about exclusive amenities and accommodations. Timeshares offer a lot more space than the average hotel or motel, not to mention, it won’t be crammed with tourists as well. Instead, you can enjoy full kitchens with dining and living rooms as well as fireplaces and hot tubs galore. The last thing on your mind is going to be finding a nearby laundromat, and why bother when you can have one in your own room?

2. Guaranteed Vacation

No one likes an unpredictable vacation. Not knowing where your room will end, how long you’ll be able to stay, or how the people living around you will act. It sounds pretty bad all around. Luckily, with a timeshare, you can plan out your vacation much more and you can guarantee how long your vacation will be. In the contract, you usually have to be in the timeshare once a year, so vacation or not, your getaway is there waiting for you no matter what.

3. Without the Cost of a Vacation Home

Owning a timeshare can save you hundreds of dollars every time you vacation. Not only can you guarantee how much you will be spending on where you live, but you can also rent out your share to get a big payout. Hotels can be super expensive, why not only pay for what you end up using? Fewer worries for you and your wallet.

4. Flexibility

Timeshares are all about flexibility. You get to choose where your unit is located, how big it is, and the amount of time you use it for. You can even swap for another timeshare if your current one ends up boring you. Not to mention, you can let your friends and family use you time share as well if you’re too sick to vacation with them.

5. Additional Amenities

Hello, hot tubs. That’s right, your timeshare can be loaded with amenities such as hot tubs, swimming pools, fitness centers, and spas. As well as nearby activities that might interest you like waterskiing, go kart racing, and car shows. But, let’s not forget the kids. In most timeshares, there are kids activities or daycare centers that you are able to let them socialize in to make the most out of your vacation.

6. No Maintenance

Timeshare properties take care of themselves. “On-site management takes care of cleaning, maintaining, and fixing up all timeshare properties,” said Allied Solution Group. This means there is always someone around to take care of and keep an eye on your property. This is not true of vacation homes which may be unused and empty for most of the year. No need to worry about pipes freezing in the winter anymore. This is all taken care of by your annual maintenance fees. These fees often eliminate the need for insurance, cleaning services, utility services, taxes, and other payments and bills that come with owning a vacation home.

7. Save on Travel Expenses

In addition to saving on the cost of renting a hotel room or buying a vacation home, timeshare owners also find themselves spending less on other vacation expenses. Since most properties come fully furnished, there is no need to spend any money on decor or appliances for your vacation property. They often come fully equipped with kitchen, laundry facilities, and other everyday luxuries. This means there is no need to waste money at expensive restaurants every day of your vacation. Say goodbye to those coin-operated washers and dryers as well.

8. Equity

You can gain equity while you are on vacation. When they are ready to get rid of their property, current owners can sell their shares. Selling a timeshare can help to make up some of the initial purchasing costs. This money can also be used to invest in a different timeshare in another location. Owners can also choose to keep the timeshare in the family and leave them in their will to another family member.