8 Easy Tips to Be More Organized

Life can be so full of changes it’s hard to keep your schedule intact. However, there’s always something you can do to keep yourself more organized and on track. Most people think that this is a chore, but in fact, it helps our lives run more smoothly and more efficiently. So, without further ado, below are the top eight tips that we suggest you take advantage of to keep your life more organized.

  1. Create a To-Do List

Our first tip to make yourself more organized is to create your own to-do list. This list can be filled with short-term items you need to get done, long-term goals, or both. Write this to-do list on a large whiteboard in your home, or in a note-taking app on your phone that you can keep tabs on. Once you complete a task, cross the item off your list to boost your motivation and productivity to keep on tackling items on your list.

  1. Mark Important Dates in Your Calendar

Purchase a calendar and place it in a spot in your home or office where you’ll see it the most. However, you can always use the Calendar App on your iPhone as well. Start putting important dates in your calendar, such as appointments, meetings, due dates, etc. and update it regularly. This useful habit can make you more productive and help better organize your life.

  1. Clean Regularly

Simply put, one of the best ways to organize your life is to physically organize, or clean up your house and/or workspace. Plus, this shouldn’t even take you too long to do, more or less 10 to 20 minutes or less.

  1. Recycle or Donate Your Junk

If you have junk piling up in your home or workspace, it may be time to donate or recycle it. For example, if you have a bookshelf full of unread books, you can donate them to a local charity, who clearly needs them more. However, you could always sell them on eBay as well. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and Goodwill have a wide variety of donation centers and donation pickup services if you have junk that you’re willing to donate.

  1. Work On Organizing Things

Since it doesn’t take long for things to start piling up, it’s important to have sufficient organizational skills. Once you’re done using something in your home or office, work on placing it back where it came from. Doing this can save a serious amount of time cleaning up your home or office and help you feel calmer and less anxious from having items clogging up your living space.

  1. Create Back-Ups

It’s a great idea to have duplicates of keys, passports, bank information, and IDs. Either scan them into your computer to have a backup or photocopy it to have a spare copy on hand. Just make sure you don’t lose the original copy, keep it safe and secure in a safe.

  1. Unsubscribe From Email Newsletter and Junk Mail

If you subscribe to get emails from many stores, blogs, newsletters, and other sources but you never read them, hit the unsubscribe button. If you are not reading their emails now, you probably won’t read them later. You should also reduce your load of regular junk mail and magazine subscriptions, too.

  1. Use a Money Management App

Being disorganized can also leave you in a financial bind quite frequently. You might end up overspending your money or relying too heavily on credit cards. To keep better track of your money, consider using a money management app like Mint or Quicken.

These apps and others like them can be used to manage your monthly bills and track your spending. You can also set the app to send you notifications before your bills are due so you can ensure you have enough money in your account. Plus, since you can see how much you have spent, you can learn where you can cut down.