6 Tips to Keep Your Swimwear Looking Like New

Buying a new swimsuit is a fun part of getting ready for summertime or for a special vacation. Your new swimsuit will make you feel beautiful on the beach or by the pool. Good quality swimwear isn’t cheap. You can’t just toss a swimsuit in with your regular laundry and hope for the best. It pays to take care of your investment and care for your new swimsuit in the best way possible. Here are six strategies we have found to take the best care of your new swimwear and help keep it looking great for the entire season and beyond.

1. Pre-Treat

To prevent your new swimwear from fading, it’s a great idea to treat it with vinegar to set the dyes. All you need to do is mix 2 tablespoons of white vinegar into a quart of cool water. Soak the suit in the vinegar solution for 30 minutes, then rinse. Press the water out of the suit with towels (never twist or wring) and let it air-dry out of the sun.

2. Shower First

After putting on your new swimsuit, rinse off at the poolside shower. Make sure to get your swimsuit completely wet before you swim: the fresh water will prevent too much salt or chlorinated water from soaking into the fabric. This step will also remove excess body oils and perspiration.

3. Watch Out for Hot Water and Rough Seats

Hot water is dangerous for swimsuits, making the colors run and also damaging the fabric. You might want to keep an inexpensive suit on hand for dips in the hot tub or Jacuzzi.

Make sure to take care where you sit down while wearing your new swimwear. Rough surfaces like wood and concrete can damage the fabric and cause unsightly pilling. Keep a towel or wrap handy around your waist and keep your suit’s bottom looking as good as the top.

4. Treat Stains

You’ve taken great care of your swimsuit, but sometimes, stains happen. Sunscreen is a frequent culprit. Pretreat stains by rubbing a mild detergent into the target areas, often around the straps, the neckline, and around the legs. Let the suit sit for 30 minutes before washing. You can try a commercial pretreater, but avoid any oxygenating cleaners as these can bleach the fabric. A plain dishwashing detergent is great for oily stains.

5. Wash Right Away

It’s very important to wash swimwear right away when you return from the beach or pool. Ideally, fill a sink or basin with cold water and add just a little bit of mild detergent. Any detergent which is safe for delicate fabrics will do. Gently swish your suit in the cool water and massage the detergent through it.

When you rinse, make sure that you remove every last bit of detergent, until the water runs clear. Pay special attention to areas like straps or cups where the soap can build up.

In a pinch, you can put your swimsuit in a lingerie bag and machine wash in cold water on the most delicate setting, but never put it in the dryer.

Even if you haven’t gone swimming, it’s still important to wash the suit after each wearing. Sweat, sunscreen, and body oils can damage the fabric.

6. Dry with Care

Once you have washed and rinsed your suit, press it dry with towels. Never twist or wring it. This can damage the fabric, especially the straps and cups. Ideally, lay your suit flat to dry out of direct sunlight. If you hang it, the weight of the water in your suit can cause it to become baggy and stretched out. The sun can also fade the swimsuit’s colors.

If you keep our six strategies in mind, you can keep your swimsuit looking fresh and new longer. You may even be able to stretch your suit’s lifespan past one season, leaving you with room in the budget for new sunglasses or fun accessories. Take good care of your swimwear from its very first dip so it will be as fabulous as you are.