6 Tips for Keeping Your Tree Healthy All Year Long

A healthy and beautiful tree can make your outdoor property look like a million dollars. A neglected one, on the other hand, can make it look pretty awful. If you want to make the most out of your landscape, you should make year-round tree care a top priority. These tips can keep your tree healthy and lively regardless of the season.

1. Learn About Correct Staking Practices

Trees that are younger often benefit from support. Support can do wonders for trees during their initial growth years. If you want to provide your tree with some extra support, staking is without a doubt the way to go. Staking can influence the shape and power of the trunk. Faulty staking can be highly problematic. If you want to help rather than hurt your tree with staking, you should take the time to learn all of the most tried and tested techniques. Never be rash about staking.

2. Understand the Value of Mulching

If you want your young tree to thrive, mulching is your best friend. Mulches aim to give trees access to more moisture. They aim to help temperature, amounts of oxygen and even the structure of soil. People who want their trees to look wonderful should prioritize routine mulching. Regular mulching can make your tree look healthy and strong. It can also do the same for your landscape in general, believe it or not.

3. Make Regular Fertilizing a Goal

Routine mulching can be great for tree health. The same thing goes for routine fertilization. If you want to take the health of your young tree to a whole new level, you should try to fertilize it at different points of the year. It can be wise to focus on heavier fertilization in the beginning of the spring season each year. Don’t neglect fertilization as your tree gets up there in age, either. You can encourage your aging tree to flourish with lighter use of fertilization.

4. Become a Pruning Powerhouse

You can keep your tree lovely and healthy 365 days of the year with the assistance of high-quality pruning work. Pruning make your tree a lot stronger and more powerful. It, because of that, can also greatly enhance its appearance. The perks of pruning go beyond visual appeal and health as well. Pruning can be great for safety, too. Getting rid of problematic branches can save you from so many worries and headaches. Remember, vulnerable branches can fall and hurt people and animals nearby. They can also bring on substantial property destruction. If you care about optimal safety and a tree that has an eye-catching form, pruning is your best bet.

5. Water Your Tree on a Weekly Basis

Watering is vital for people who want their trees to look amazing and healthy. It can be a great idea to water your trees on a weekly basis. If the weather outdoors is particularly hot, you may want to consider even more frequent watering sessions. If you want your watering sessions to pack a particularly powerful punch, you should consider your timing carefully. Try to water your tree bright and early in the A.M. Try to refrain from nighttime watering whenever you can as well.

6. Recruit the Services of a Trained and Experienced Arborist

It can often be hard to maintain a tree well when you don’t have a lot of time, skill and experience. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to give up and resign yourself to poor tree health. That doesn’t mean that you have to forget about maintaining a tree that’s beautiful and striking, either. It simply means that you should consider hiring professional assistance. A qualified arborist that has certification and training can do a lot for your tree. He or she can help your tree reach its highest potential as well. If you lack the time that’s necessary to devote to frequent watering, pruning, fertilization and beyond, all you have to do is look for a capable and seasoned professional arborist in your area. An arborist can help you forget worries about a tree that looks neglected. An arborist can make people look twice at your gorgeous, healthy tree.