6 Reasons to Have Your Car Detailed Regularly

car-detailingMost people love a clean car. It feels good to drive down the road knowing you are not the car with clean me etched in the dirt on your window. You also enjoy when other people ride with you and do not have to push things around, or worry about what might end up on their clothes.

There are more reasons to detail your than just the aesthetic appeal and respect from your friends and coworkers. Did you know that detailing your car regularly could actually help you keep your car around a little long, and reduce the cost of maintenance?

When you do detail your car, you want to be sure to pay attention to the entire car, not just the commonly drive-thru car wash. Whether you choose to detail your car yourself, or have it detailed professionally, there are some common areas you want to be sure to you hit:

  • A standard car wash, including the windows, body, undercarriage and wheels.
  • Headlights, taillights and exterior trim.
  • Interior, including dash, doors, carpet, and seats.
  • Engine bay, this may not be included in a standard detailing package but should be added.

Here are six reasons why you want to detail your car regularly:

  1. Extend the life of your paint. If you do not prefer the look of the classic rust bucket, then detailing your car should be important for you. Regularly washing and waxing your car helps to protect the paint and keep it in good condition. Not only does this look good as you drive down the road, but also it provides better protection for the metal underneath that paint, staving off the steel cancer of rust.
  2. Extend the service life of your underbody and frame. Part of detailing your car includes cleaning the undercarriage. Road grime, especially salt in the winter, is very detrimental to metal components. “Cleaning them regularly helps to reduce the damage suffered from inevitable dirt,” said Word of Mouth Auto Detailing Services. This is why you also want to add the engine bay to our detailing package. Washing down the engine bay helps to get rid of the grime that builds up during normal operation. Be sure that when you wash you avoid high-pressure washing, and use an appropriate degreaser. Once you are done and everything is dried, be sure to apply the proper dressing to all silicone, plastic and hoses to prevent any cracking.
  3. Improve nighttime visibility. When you fail to detail your car, you create visibility problems. The biggest hazard is the reduction in road visibility. This can pose a safety hazard to you and other motorists, and could land you in serious legal trouble. Inside the vehicle, the interior dash should be cleaned regularly so the dash lights and meters are clearly visible.
  4. Extend wheel and tire service life. Believe it or not, cleaning and polishing your rims and tires help to extend their life as well. For the rims, you continue to stave off rust and not through the wheel out of balance due to increased debris that is stuck to the wheel. This also helps prevent uneven wear of the tires. Cleaning and polishing your tires helps to keep them from cracking in the sidewalls.
  5. Improve condition and extend the interior’s life. The interior of the car takes a beating from the fluctuation in temperatures, and the continual exposure to the sun’s rays. Over time, this will make interior dash, doors, and seats fade and crack. Detailing them regularly helps to keep them clean, but also helps to delay the effects of the sun and temperature changes.
  6. Increase the trade-in value of your car. According to, detailing your car when you are trying to sell it or trade it in can increase its value by several hundred dollars. Who would not want a little extra cash for just a little extra effort?

Help extend the life of your car, and take the time to detail it regularly. If you do not want to do it yourself, try a professional service in your area. While this costs a little extra now, it can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the end.